Monday, November 06, 2006

It Good To Be Back! :)

I'm BACK! Sorry for being away far too long *grin*. After my sister left home a week later, I had to do some catching up and didn't have time to read much. I only managed to read two books on October, which is not the normal thing for me *sigh*. But I will try to get everything back to normal and my reading back in order :)

While I was away, I was buying books after books after books. It seem I've brought more books and done less reading. Too bad my TBR piles is going to have to get use to seeing new books stacking up above them *grin*. The recently one I brought are:

- Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh
- Ain't She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
- Crazy Sweet by Tara Janzen
- Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare
- Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan
- Dark Protector by Alexis Morgan

I'm familiar with most of the authors listed but the others, I'm not. Alexis Morgan and Lora Leigh is new to me. But I have heard enough raves about them to grab a copy and see what it all about :) I can't wait to read them all!

Have anyone read these authors?

I hope everyone have a nice day!


Melody said...

Welcome back, Julia! Gosh, it seems like such a long time since you have updated this blog. BTW, how come Cold As Ice wasn't listed on the list? *wink*

I have only read SEP, PC and CF on your list, and believe me, Hard Evidence is great! Let me know what you think after reading it.


Julia said...

Melody - Thank for the welcome back!

I can so picture you sitting in chair waiting for me to updated my blog until you're old *LOL*

I can't wait to read Hard Evidence since you like it.

As for Cold As Ice...ooops! I forgot. But that only because am waiting for SOMEONE to get her so we can read it together *wink*

Melody said...

I feel like raiding the bookstores, now that you mentioned about it!!!! :P


Julia said...

Go raid the bookstore, and make sure you leave a note behind that said "Beware, don't look for angry Asian woman, she'll come after you" LOL

Melody said...

LOL! Too funny! :P


Darla said...

Yay! You're back!

I read Hard Evidence--you're going to love it. I liked it better than last year's Extreme Exposure.

And Conspiracy Game... OMG. I'm in the middle of it, and it's hard to tear myself away. This is my favorite of Feehan's series, by far.

Julia said...

Thank for welcome back, Darla :)

OMG I been waiting for Conspiracy Game forever and to hear Darla like it so much, give me hope. I love all the "GhostWalker" series book !

Hmm...I was worry about Hard Evidence, since Darla didn't like Extreme Exposure that much. Now to hear her(and Melody) love Hard Evidence make me want to push the book up and read that ASAP!*grin*