Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jingle Bell Rock / anthology

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- He See You When You're Sleeping by Lori Foster (click me) * * * * 1/2

Booker Dean was thinking about his neighbor, Frances, who also happen to be his friend. He had feeling for her and knew she is the one for him. He couldn't be with her until he break his commitments he had not ended yet. But once he know he is free, he didn't hesistated to have Frances.

- All She Wants for Christmas by Janelle Denison (click me) * * * * 1/2

Faith Roberts, an Elmentary teacher, going to give Matthew Carlton, an pediatric surgeon, her full attention and a chance to pursued her. She whisper to his ear what she want for Christmas, and that rattle Matthew who never thought his wish would ever come true

- Turning Up the Heat by Susan Donovan (click me) * * * * *

Valerie thought she will spent a lonely night on a Christmas Eve. The heater had stopped working, and now she is cold. She never thought the night will be any worse... not until a furnace repairmen came to her door and a sizzle hot flash, heated her body. And she knew she want him. Earl knew that his chance with Valerie, who he have met during a previously party, is going to come true. Even though Valerie think he is stranger.

- Baby, It's Cold Outside byDonna Kauffman (click me) * * * * *

Jace Morgan coming home to Rogue's Hollow give him hope to reunited with Suzanne York again. Memories of their past relationship was special and bonded. After the summer, 10 years ago, when he was seventeen both Jace and Suzanne went in different direction to go where their scholarship take them to - their dream. Now returning back to Rogue' Hollow, Jace wasn't sure what to expect when he see Suzanne again.

- A Blue Christmas by Alison Kent (click me) * * * *

reunites high school sweethearts, with different circumstances. And erotic story. Jess looking for the love she lost and she found it in Thomas.

- The Nutcracker Sweet by Nancy Warren (click me) * * * * *
Two co-worker always fighting with one another. Then Tara made a dare with Daniel, which lead to one hot night of passion


Melody said...

Hey Julia, I have read this some time ago...when it was in its tradesize release. Can't really remember the stories though, but it was not a bad read.

Julia said...

Well I guess this mean I won't read your review on this then :)

But glad you like the stories, even though you don't remember much of it :)

Melody said... are right that I won't be posting a review on this book, since I have a short memory! LOL. But well you already knew about that!!!