Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa, Baby (anthology) * * * * 1/2

(*notice* This have not been edited yet, so forgive me for my errors)

- Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie ( a new story!)
Trudy is determined to get the latest hot toy action figure "Major MacGuffin" for her nephew Leroy. She ended up in a place where she finally found one but it was only the last year "MacGuffin One" hot toy buy. And Leroy wanted the latest "MacGuffin Two" with the toxic waste on them that spit goops. But no matter what, Trudy was set on buying it anyway, because that what Leroy want Santa to get him for Christmas, "Major MacGuffin".

While in the store, she saw Nolan, the guy who she dated once and then never received a phone call or heard from again. And she grow to hate him. But Nolan wanted to apology and make amend. But Trudy try to guard herself from him.

Then an unexpected thing happen, when a mystery man name Reese appeared. He was once assistant to her Professor father and good friend. He tell her that there is warehouse where she can get the latest "Major MacGuffin Two" but she would have to follow him by cab. And Nolan wind up in the cab with them. Then she find herself right in the middle of some trouble of minor spy game. And she had to try to escape to safely.

The romance at the end was short but sweet. And what happen to the "Major MacGuffin" going to have to read it to find out *grin*.

- Christmas Bonus by Lori Foster website
(reissues from All I Want for Christmas )

Eric had fallen for Maggie the first time he saw her at age 16. But 5 year later, she is now grown up and had finish college. So he planned to tell her of his feeling. But the only thing was, her father died and left the company to her. So Maggie became Eric boss. And he doesn't want to get too close, in fear that there be speculation and rumors that he trying to be promoted ahead of the other. But then he discover Maggie's steamy manuscript, and became amuse when he realized that the male characters resemble him. And he knew that there is chance for him and Maggie after all and decided to do something about it.

Maggie wonder if she ever have the chance with Eric. Since her father death, he have been a distance from her. Maggie invited Eric to a Christmas party- in hope to get his attention, now that she no longer a college girl, and is ready to let him know her feeling for him. But an unexpected surprise visit at her doorstep, changed her plan.

- Naughty Under the Mistletoe by Carly Phillips website

( was originally printed in Naught or Nice anthology )

Antonia mission, when she attend the Corbin Company party, was to seduce Stephan Corbin, who she been attracted to for long time. She felt she can act on her feeling toward him now, since she is going to be in new suburban office of the Corbin and Sons. However, she end up kissing the wrong twin brother. And she never felt the spark between anyone else before, like the way she did with Max.

Max Corbin attend the party, and was just getting bored when a woman in elf outfit caught his attention. When she walked up to him and gave him a kiss, he knew he is attracted to her. Then he realized that she mistaken him for his twin brother, Stephan. But Antonia told him that she is more attracted to him then his brother.

A night of fun pool and intriguing stakes of rule : strip or "admit something about themselves", turn out to be one sexy night for both :)


Jennifer Crusie "Hot Toy" was fun to read. I laugh at some of the funny scenes. There were moments where I can understand the heroine struggling to buy the perfect gift to a child. The gift that a child wanted Santa to buy them for Christmas. There were little surprise that I didn't expect to happen. I enjoy the story. Even though Lori Foster and Carly Phillips stories were reprint, I enjoy it. I haven't read the original print before, so maybe that have affection on me. But even if I have read them already, I still would have love the stories no matter what. The only complaint I have is that the stories were too short :)

Santa, Baby as whole was fun and lots of laugh. I enjoy reading them and getting into the Christmas spirit. It was fast, light and romantic. Read it if you ever have the chance. And Check out their website above


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