Friday, January 05, 2007

Born In Death by JDRobb * * * * 1/2

At the beginning we see Eve and Roarke attending a childbirth class with Mavis. The funny scene in this made me laugh since I grew to know how Eve and Roarke would reacted to the whole childbirth deal. There are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments.

Then the murder began when two accountants young couple, Natalie and her fiance Bick, who were found murdered separately in their own home. They both worked in accounting firm of as an accountant at the firm of Sloan, Myers and Kraus. They uncovered a secret that causes their death.

And while Eve work to investigation, with the help from the gang, to find the killer, Mavis's pregnant friend, Tandy Willowby, suddenly disappeared. And Mavis begged Eve to help her find her friend. And the friend disappearance was too close to home for Roarke, too hard for him to ignore.

And while struggling to find the killer and solving the crimes, Eve had to coordinated Mavis baby shower as well. And even if she want to run away from it, Peabody won't let it happen. When it came to Mavis's birth of the baby, it was a sweet and nice moment without it being over done. I really enjoy seeing Mavis birth of her's baby finally. I know am just majority of the people who was excited to finally see Mavis baby born while other would whether see "someday" (of course not now) when Roarke and Eve finally give birth of their baby :) I just think that Mavis is one of the characters who so close of family to me that, I would treated her the same as I would with Eve and Roarke. And even with the rest of the gang.

I like that three thing was happening at once, in Born In Death . The murder of two young accountants and engaged couple, the disappearance of Mavis's friend Tandy and Mavis's baby born. So the book was enjoyable to read with all that happening together making the book as whole - a good read for me. I also would like to add in that one of the scenes I love was that during the case, Roarke was being question about using the information to uncovered the case to further his own business. There were strong moments of seeing his reaction that I felt his anger through the pages. And his confronting and discussion to Eve about it, just felt real.

Nora always seem to know how to make scenes and emotion come alive, that it become realistic across the pages, in an fiction story.

Love the book, love the characters! Can't wait to read the next In Death book :)


Marg said...

I really need to hurry up and catch up with this series. I think I am up to Midnight in Death!

Julia said...

Marg - if you only on Midnight in Death, then this mean you have about 19 books left to read :)

I hope you're reading them in order. I wish you good luck getting through them, they're great book series! But of course, you already know that :)

Melody said...

Hey Julia, I'm sooo behind of this series!!! Have only read two! LOL.

Julia said...

I know Melody - you just have long way to go :) And I hope you'll pick it up again, someday LOL

Melody said...

Of course I will. ;P