Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thrill Me to Death by Roxanne St. Claire

(Romance suspense) * * * * * stars
Max Roper, left the DEA and followed his best buddy, Dan to the security and personal protection business as a Bullet Catcher, was assigned to guard Corinne Peyton, a widow to a billionaire husband William Peyton, from her stepson Billy. In the past his relationship with Cori have been tragic and painful that when he said goodbye to her, he tried to block out her in his life. But he never thought he'll be the one to be assigned to guard her.

Corinne - hired a bodyguard but never thought he would be the man from her past. Her love and desire for Max still exist even though she want to forget. But she will never forgive him for what he did to her father, and blamed on him. After the sad and painful goodbye - she end up marrying William who have always been there for her. And when he died, she was devastated. And now she surprise to see Max again. But she hired bodyguard for a reason and she needed him.

Max assignment was to not only guard her but to also question whether William die of natural death or did Corinne murder him for his money. Then suddenly, danger is lurking and Max knew he need to find who the threat is. And not only Corinne and he investigating together but to prove it was even harder.

The emotion between them spread out and they get closer. Then Corrine find out the reason behind her father, and was shock to learn the truth. The romance began to get sizzle hot, passion and very intense. And the closer they get to finding the killer, the closer the killer will get to find Corrine before they lose the chance at life together.

This is the second book to the "Bullet Catcher" series. Max have originally been seen in Tropical Getaway , her debut novel and also Kill Me Twice (book 1 of the series).

I was looking forward to read Thrill Me to Death (book 2 of series), after reading the first book. Roxanne St. Claire have not disappointed me yet. Her "Bullet Catcher" are so far, thrilling, passion, fun with plenty of action and suspense. You get to know the "Bullet Catcher" team like they're part of your family. The men are very strong alpha with wide variety of personality and sense of humor. The writing are deeply in depth and easy to read, and characters driven.

And even though it was easy to figure out the killer, for me, I love the book and I highly recommend you to read it. Here the link to her website :
Roxanne St. Claire

Can't wait to read her next book Take Me Tonight coming April 2007. Also one the character, Raquel Durant story are told in You Can Count on Me which is in from the Christmas anthology I'll Be Home for Christmas


Melody said...

Great review, Julia! I was hoping you will post more reviews while I was away!!! Hehe.

Julia said...

Thanks - and I promise there will be more reviews post here, soon