Friday, January 26, 2007

Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan

(Romantic Suspense)
Here Christine website: Christine Feehan

Jack Norton is a GhostWalker, a genetically enhanced sniper, who misson was to rescue his twin brother Ken, from the rebel forces in the jungle. He trade place with his brother and gotten torture too. He managed to escape, injury and wind up with Briony, who is also a Ghostwalker.

Briony is a performer for her family's circus act. She have always knew she was different - different than her's brothers. She didn't understand why she get headaches when she around her brothers or people. Until she discover that she is one of the original young women who were used for experiment to enhancement physically and psychically. Her power causes her to feel emotions of people around her, which make it physically painful when she near them.

But when she met Jack and helped him to escape from the rebel force, she couldn't help but felt the pull toward him, sexually in mind and body. She knew then that he is just like her, when she didn't feel pained around him. Then they found out that they were conspiracy put together, coincidentally, to enhanced them to respond sexually to each other. They are both alike, since they have telepathy power. With those powers and Briony strong, kick butt ability, they can fight together to protect themselves from Whitney.

Because Jack don't trust himself being around people, so he shut off to feel anything. He fear the harms he can do, because of his years as sniper. But if he leave, he will do it without turning back. Because he can not make the mistake to leave twice.

Conspiracy Game have became my favorite to date. It had plenty of action, intense, sensual and emotion. It was suspenseful that kept me glue to the seat and keep reading until the end. I love Jack humors and his possessive to protect what belong to him. I love he show his emotions around Briony too. Briony is one of the strong, kick butt heroine I like to read about. Also Ken, who is Jack's twin brother, seem likable and I hope he get his own story soon :)

Conspiracy Game is the fourth books to the GhostWalker series about a special forces men who were capture to enhancement for physically and psychically power. And all the original women who were genia pig for men. I have love reading the GhostWalker series and can't wait to read the next one. I highly recommend you to read it :)

The order to read the books is:

1 - Shadow Game
2 - Mind Game
3 - Night Game
4 - Conspiracy Game
5 - Deadly Game (will be released in Feb 27, 2007)

Also Christine Feehan other work are worth to take look at and try it too. If you click on her website, above, you will find the one interested you :)


Melody said...

Great review, Julia. I can tell how engrossed you are with Christine's Ghostwalker series. I'm way behind, but you already knew that! ;P

Julia said...

Thanks Melody! I know I can always count on you to visit my blog. You always say the right thing :)

Yep very engrossed in this book! And wish you hurry and read it :)

Melody said...

Oh, I can hear someone's pressurizing me to read the rest of the series already! LOL.

Julia said...

*evil laugh* oh was that pressurizing real loud? LOL ;)

Melody said...

Loud and clear! LOL.