Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Only Human by Eileen Wilks (Anthology from Lover Beware)

(Paranormal Romance) * * * * 1/2

This book is an anthology with 4 authors (Christine Feehan, Katherine Sutcliffe, Fiona Brand and Eileen Wilks). But I pick this book up to read Eileen Wilks's Only Human story to get better feel of her's on going werewolf series. Thanks to Darla, she explained to me that, even though Only Human is the first written book, I weren't missed anything if I read Tempting Danger first since that is the official beginning of the series. So while am waiting for Tempting Danger, I figure I'll just read Only Human anyway, until it get here :) Here is the website: Eileen Wilks

Then when the mood strike, I will go back to Lover Beware and read the other 3 authors from that book :)

In Only Human Lily Lu was a promoted detective from San Diego police department, who was called to the scenes of the murder crime. Because Lily want to find justice, she was determined to solve this crime, even if it mean she have to work with Rule. And she does not like to work with civilians either.

Rule is the prince of Clan Nokolai, a werewolves who had been, in the last few years, mixing and mingling with normal human on regular events from San Diego to Hollywood to Washington, D.C. The major have asked for his assistance to Lily investigation, since he knew more about intimate knowledge of Lupus, their culture and habits.

Lily families objection to her work made her grow as detective she wanted to be. And then there is cultural differences between their species that they need to overcome, even though their attraction is intense. But Lily and Rule work together to solved the crimes and hope to solve not only to bring down justice but work their attraction to each other.

The reason I gave this 4 half stars is because the story were short, although we do get an idea what to expect from the series. I really enjoy this book (thanks Darla!) and hope to continue the series. And I can't wait to read Tempting Danger today! (update Jan 31 - Yep Darla, I got it today, thanks again!) .


Melody said... you have read Eileen's story and got you started on a new series, hehe.

Julia said...

Melody - I think you're going to like the series...that is if you stick long enough to keep reading series books, as I know you not big fan it LOL ;)

Melody said...

Big fan of what? Series books? Bwahaha...

Julia said...

*ding ding ding* YEP - that it! LOL