Tuesday, February 13, 2007

10 Things You Worry About

Ten on Tuesday

1. My family (especially my mom and my niece)
2. My life
3. The health of my friends - who I say prayers to daily
4. The victim of the after the math of Katrina
5. Upsetting, insulting, hurting people I like/love
6. Addiction to buying more books and doing less reading hence the TBR piles exist ;)
7. Me being night owl everyday and less sleep
8. My addiction to watching too many TV shows ;)
9. What my friends think of me (I know I shouldn't)
10. Not finishing up my chores on time

What can I say...am worry wart! My friend can tell you I am ;) :)


Melody said...

Julia, I know too well about #8! LOL.

Julia said...

LOL Melody! But you don't hold grudge against me on that one LOL

Melody said...

That's because I know you too well, my dear friend. LOL.

Karen said...

You know, I'm with ya on the book thing. I swear, I have an addiction. You should see my bookshelf!

I think I need help. *grin*


Julie said...

I'm guilty of #'s 5 and 9 myself.

Julia said...

Hi everyone!

Karen - should I be afraid to see your bookshelf? LOL ! I think maybe we both need help *grin*

Julie - I guess I worry too much but then, I don't want to make an enemies with all my good friends :) I get nervous if I think of this too much :)

Thanks to both Karen and Julie for stopping by :) Have a nice day!