Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks

(Paranormal Romance Suspense) * * * * 1/2

As I said previously - This book is supposedly be the official book to the beginning of the werewolves series. You won't miss much if you decided to read this book first instead of Only Human (from the Lover Beware Anthology. Since both are same characters and same world but the story are sorta different. And the first Chapters, the story begin just like it was from Only Human and that is the only thing similar to one another, that I can think of. After that things are different. Eileen Wilks wrote Only Human for only the anthology book. When she realized it would make a good series, she decided to restarted over and then Tempting Danger was born :) If you want to know more info on Eileen Wilks book, click on the titles link above. It'll take you directly to her website.

Lily Yu is a San Diego Police detective who was investigating a murder that appear to be the work of werewolf. With the help of Rule Turner, a prince of the lupi, she could best solve the murder crimes faster with him. But Rule is the suspected of murder and Lily try to prove he isn't. But Lily fellow officers think he easy target since he is werewolf.

Rule have his own personal reason to want to be involved in the investigation and went along when Lily asked him to help her. As both go hunt down the killer, they find that killer might be a cop from Lily police department. But the questions seem to be is why would a werewolf kill the victim?

the attraction between them were magically bond between their mind and the hearts. And it beyond human reason. They realized that there much more between them then just passion. She could be his chosen one, the one who could be fated to be his mate.

There so much to the plot line then just the murder story here. Many layers to the story and about each characters too. It also had lot of actions, mystery, supernational and of course romance.

I enjoyed this book. What I like about it is that we have strong Chinese heroine who is detective and is very honorable and smart. And how she deal with her past and their race made me understood her more. You don't get to know thing about her until later.

I admit, I did had hard time starting reading this at the beginning. It slowed me down. I took a bit longer to finish this book, not because I didn't enjoyed it. My life have taken over my reading time, and I couldn't get the time to sit and read it. And I think I been reading too many werewolf story straight in a row that it sorta burn me out. Sometime I need a change of moods to enjoy my reading. I thought I would have to stop reading this book, change to another genres and then come back to this book later. But I decided to go ahead and keep reading it. Glad that I did! I do recommend anyone to read this if you fan of werewolf story. To see the list of the series titles in order, click the titles link above the heading :)

I can't wait to read the next book. Thanks Darla for introduced me to Eileen Wilks :)


Melody said...

Great review, Julia! I know you've been telling me that you're taking way too long to finish this book, maybe another reason is you're way too engrossed with your TV shows, again! LOL. ;P

Julia said...

Thanks - and I know I was slow on this one, but hey I thought you don't hold grudge against me on TV shows LOL ;)

Melody said...

I don't, but I just love teasing you! *grins*