Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 Things You Would Do if You Were Younger

Ten on Tuesday

Keep in mind, this is in no particular order of preference. And these lists are the one I just don't have time to do anymore as I wish to do/ or never had that chance to :)

1. Go to the drive-in movie - I went to one when I was younger. I saw Grease for the first time there :) I know there still are some movie drive-in in other states, but not sure if there is one near me. I'm not even sure how to check....

2. Travel MORE OFTEN around the world

3. Dancing/gymnastic routine to musics in my front yard. I used to do this when I was kid. My neighbor and I get an strange look by any car passing by LOL ! I miss those days!

4. Take dancing/singing lesson, early

5. Start over, some of things my life - with no regret. That is if I can turn back the times :)

6. Go college

7. Spent more time with my grandparents - Now that I'm older, they passed away

8. Go skating, I miss those days

9. Go to Disney Land/World - I know I can go as adult. But I wish to experience as kid in me, from my eyes. You know..the thrill, the excitement...etc. Sadly I never get to go as kid :(

10. Go out more and have fun! - Not that I never went out in my younger days. I have, but not too many since I'm always studying.


Melody said...

Hey, I think we have a few things in common! LOL. (Like #2, #7 and #10)

amy said...

Great list! This was a neat idea this week!

Anastacia said...

This was a tough one this week, wasn't it?? Mine's here:


c said...

I've never been to Disney's both as an adult/a kid... Maybe someday, I wish :)

Thanks for stopping by, Julia!


Julia said...

Melody - I said before, and I'll say it again....we ARE long lost twin sister! Gosh - it even scary that it give me the chill LOL

Hi Amy - Agree it was great idea this week :)

Anastacia - It was tough, but I managed to do it *grin*....

Gabrielle - We both can wish, couldn't we? ;)

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog! Have a nice Ten on Tuesday Day.

Mrs. Slushie said...

Drive ins! There are none left around here but when I was a whole lot younger, there was one in the next town and I went to it a time or two.
I should check and see where the nearest ones are... that could be fun.

Melody said...

Gee, thanks Julia! :)

Di said...

I would spend a semester abroad during college...I regret that I didn't do that!

Julia said...

Mrs. Slushie - It should be fun if we can be young again and see the drive-in movie like the old times :)

LOL Melody - your very welcome ;) :)

Di - Well I hope atlease you got good career after that :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by..have a nice day