Thursday, March 01, 2007

But, Who's Counting?

Booking Through Thursday

1. How many books would you say you read in an average month?
- When am not watching too much TV, I will say I read about 5-6 books

2. In a year?
- Because I kept track of every books I read (since the "50 Books Challenge" - that one of my yahoo group list are doing) I looked back at the record and it show that I've read 71 books in 2006. We started this "50 Books Challenge" since 2005.

3. Over the last five years?
- Well since I only started keeping track (see above) for only 2 years now, I can't remember how many I read in over the last 5 years

4. The last 10?
- Again see #2 and #3

Don't forget to leave a link to your actual response in the comments--or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!


Melody said...

You watch too much TV, Julia! LOL. Or else your number of books read will be even more impressing!!! ;P

Marianne Arkins said...

You know... I should keep track of my books. Maybe make a little spreadsheet or something -- that's a great idea!

Don't you just love to read?

Thanks for visiting!

meeyauw said...

TV can gobble up too much of our time and my soaps gobble up my time! But everybody needs down time, right? ;)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well, we seem to be birds of a feather! I watch a ton of TV also, and then read when I have a chance. We seem to read about the same number of books (I read 35 in 05 and 70 in 06), and that's when I started keeping track. I love seeing what all I have read and being able to look back. I don't always remember what I've read a year or so later, so the list really helps me :)

Hope you have a great Thursday, and Happy Reading!!!

Julia said...

Melody - LOL you know my TV addiction! So...okay, I married to my TV and books LOL

Marianne - yes it good idea to keep track with spread sheet. However I used my Microsoft Word to keep tracks of all the books I read. Just for now :) Yep I love to read!

Meeyauw - But it can't be help if TV gobble us too much LOL! *grin*. You right, we do need down time :) Which soap shows do you watch?

Stacy - Oh so glad there someone who watch as much TV as I do! I do look back on all the books that I have read in the last 2 years too. It also help to know which books I have already read and which books were favorite (beside typing up the titles of the books and authors, I wrote little tidbits of review on them too)

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog! This lot of fun, and I hope everyone have a Happy Booking Through Thursday! Happy reading!

Jan said...

Hi Julia, I'm impressed with how well you keep track of your books! I have them lying everywhere so I look around and remember what I've read coz I'm a slob. Instead of watching tv I stay up late reading and then have a lot of head-aches in the morning. Now, I'm reading mysteries which gives me another reason to stay up late so I can figure out whodunit.

Daphne said...

I unfortunately tend to read while I'm watching TV - a habit which annoys the heck out of my husband.

Nice to "meet" you - thanks for stopping by my blog!