Monday, March 12, 2007

Dangerous Games by Lora Leigh * * * * *

(Erotic Romance-suspense)

Morganna had love Clint all of her life. But even when he pushed her away, she knew deep inside that he had feeling for her too. But when she turn 18 years old, anything she did to get him to admit his feeling toward her was never enough. And the last time she saw Clint, was when he tell her that party girl and Navy SEALs don't work well together. And left her to go on his mission. It was then at age 21, Morganna decided to apply for Law Enforcement Academy, even when she knew her brother Reno and Clint will not approve. She didn't want to be alone or wait on Clint forever. She want to to make a different.

5 years later, Clint return home on leave and expected some R&R. Instead he never imagine to see Morganna at the Diva's Club, an BDSM club where people go for the darker edge of sex and dominance games are played and male push their limit. Seeing Morganna there bring out the dominated side of him. No matter how much he tried to push her away, she always seem to make him weak and want her.

But when a gun fired hit was aimed at Morganna at the club, Clint knew something was wrong. He soon found out that Morganna is DEA agent, working on a undercover case. The same case on drug cartel that Clint's SEALs team has been working to bring down. More danger start to happen and Clint knew he need to protected her, take her some where safe and away from danger. And to bring down the people who drug cartel the date-rape on female too.

This is my first Lora Leigh's book and I really love it! I finish the book in one sitting! Clint is sexy bad boy and domin alpha male, who is tough in the outside but really soft inside when it come to Morganna. When he around her, he just couldn't help but given in and comfort her when she is sad. There just something about Clint that you just can't help him. And at some point I did want to smack him but then I forgive him. But I focus more on the relationship between the hero and heroine. They sizzle the pages for me. Okay I sound like idiot, when I want to raves about a book I just discover ;) It just hard to find the right words to make an excellent points and make sense. But truly, this is good book IMO. Love how Clint interacted with his SEALs team and his friends. The characters are all likable that you want to know more about them. And hope they get their own stories. And I'm planning to buy more books by Lora Leigh :)

Dangerous Games is easy read with great full length writing and dialogs. It is erotic steamy, thrilling and hot. Good cast of characters. And strong plot. Strong, dark side alpha hero/ feisty heroine. Also keep in mind that there is an scenes of BDSM theme intercourse, that may not be for faint of the heart.

Most all of Lora Leigh's books are erotic romance, published by Ellora's Cave from e-books format. But recently her books are starting to published in print books too. Including by Berkley Publisher and St. Martin publisher. Dangerous Games and the rest of the Navy SEALs series are released in print books, published by St. Martin.

Click here is Lora Leigh website ....fair warning, just in case. You have to be 18 years old or older to enter the website :)

The order that the Navy SEALs are to be read are:

Honk If You Love Real Man (Reno story - Anthology trade paperback)
Dangerous Games (Clint story - Mass Market paperback)
Real Man Do It Better (Joe story - Anthology trade paperback)

Read it, you won't regret it. Okay I'm gonna shut up now, I really stink at reviews! LOL ;)


Melody said...

Hey Julia, we read this together but you are way too ahead of me! LOL. Great review by the way! :)

Julia said...

I know I was way ahead, and am sorry. I was excited about the book that I kept on reading without stopping I feel guilty :)

Thanks for comment! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it....*grin* And it always fun reading books together with you :)

Melody said...

Hey, I don't mind at all! And am glad you enjoyed it! :)