Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10 Favorite Albums

Ten on Tuesday

I know there is supposedly be 10 items list, but there were whole bunches of other albums that I like too so I decided to do an honor mention to the one that didn't make it to the top ten *grin*

1. "All The Way - Decade of Song" = Celine Dion
2. "One Heart" = Celine Dion
3. "Breakaway" = Kelly Clarkson
4. "Slippery When Wet" = Bon Jonvi
5. "Greatest" = Duran Duran
6. "Journey - Greatest Hit" = Journey
7. "Whitney Houston - The Greatest Hit" = Whitney Houston
8. "Josh Groban" = Josh Gorban
9. "Greatest Hits" = Pat Benatar
10. "Measure of a Man" = Clay Aiken

Honor mention:
- "New Day Has Come" = Celine Dion
- "Closer" = Josh Gorban
- "The Essential Journey" = Journey
- "Marc Anthony" = Marc Anthony
- "Like a Virgin" = Madonna
- "True Blue" = Madonna
- "Madonna" = Madonna


debi said...

You're right...our lists are pretty different. But I do love Bon Jovi (in fact, I have Slippery When Wet sitting right in my current pile of CDs by the computer). It's been really fun reading everyone's list though, hasn't it?
Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Good list and I'm glad I came to check because I am a bookwormaholic and am always looking for good reads & book bloggers! :) My list is elsewhere because this blog I'm commenting from is totally an anonymous one.

leighmdavis said...

I love Pat Benatar!! Rock on!

amy said...

We could be great friends..I didnt include any of these on my favoritem but I love all of them

Julia said...

Debi - I just knew we are different the minute I read your list *grin*, but lucky we have Bon Jovi in common LOL ;) Yep - it been fun reading everyone list. It bring back old memories!

Betty - Your more then welcome to stop by here anytime. I love to read and am avid reader *grin*. I too, love to find new authors to me. So if you have one recommended..please let me know :) Thanks for stopping by...

Leigh - I love Pat Benatar too! She sure did rock *grin*

Amy - WOW really? Always look for new friends :) I like your list too - espeically "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack and any Disney soundtrack :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by! It pleasure to get to know you. Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Melody said...

Hey Julia, I love Celine and Madonna too. Just that we are only allowed to list ten...there are too many favourites to list! Happy Ten on Tuesday! :)

Domestic Geek said...

I totally forgot how much I love Slippery When Wet. I debated putting Journey on my list, too. Definitely some good albums in your list.

Julia said...

Melody - I so understand what you mean that there so many albums out there. It was hard for me to choose too..so I cheated a little hehehe

Domestic - Slippery When Wet was great album! Thanks for your comment

Thanks both of you for stopping by..and happy belated Ten on Tuesday to you!