Monday, March 26, 2007

French Twist by Roxanne St. Claire

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(Romance Suspense Adventure) ****1/2 stars
After a mystery death of her partner Albert Farrow, Janine want to continue to prove that her Pompadour Plum vases existed. It was also a lifelong dream of her mentor Albert. By proving it existed, Janine Coulter, a historian and museum curator, managed a prestigious exhibit and presenting a collection of her Pompadour Plum vases at the Palace of Versailles. Since it is one of the most significant find of the twentieth-century art world. But a security specialist, Luc Trent try to encourage her to display the production vases instead of the real one, to keep the vase from being stolen from "Scorpion". But there something about Luc, that Janine don't know if she can trust. He is dangerously handsome and French that it made Janine suspicion if he all that he seem to be. But thing went wrong when a thieve steal the Pompadour Plum from the exhibit, and escape. Luc and Janine suddenly was on mad chase and run for their life.

Luc Tremont aka Nick Jarrett "The Scorpion", was once known as the most successful thieves of the modern era. His five year to make up for his crimes, was to work as an undercover for the FBI. They were working on arranging the Pompadour Plum as bait to capture an escapee from prison. But they discover that the Pompadour Plums was stolen. And soon discover that Albert Farrow death was no accident. Such coincident that it connected to the stolen Pompadour Plums. Now he is on the run for his life and need to find the vases before it disappear forever...and without it, his last chance at redemption would end. And not only that, he is putting Janine life at risk on the run along with him.

Not going to say anything else, as am sure I already spoil lot of thing here. And I'm trying not to but it hard *grin*.

French Twist is an exciting adventure that will keep you enthralled until the end. A sizzling fast pace action with a little dose of danger that kept you on edge of your seat. Plenty of passion romance and tender moments. Wonderful strong characters with good humors. This is must read :)

This have been my fourth books I read by Roxanne St. Claire. Two of the books were part of an on going "Bullet Catcher" series. One were a stand alone Tropical Getaway, which was an opening to the "Bullet Catcher" series. I don't think you would go wrong with reading Roxanne St. Claire. Most of her books are tension romance with actions and good strong characters. I like them all!


Roxanne St. Claire said...

Julia! Thank you! Someone just alerted me to your blog and I read it with a big grin on my face. I'm so glad you liked FRENCH TWIST -- it's one of my favorites, too! Merci beaucoup for the kind words and heartfelt recommendations to your blog readers. I'm so happy to have discovered a new reader's blog! It helps me really understand what readers like and what turns them off. Thank you!

Roxanne St. Claire

Julia said...

Oh wow - thanks you for stopping by Roxanne! Am very excited to see an author commenting my blog, something that never happen before. I just hope I didn't say anything stupid LOL! And you've to excuse my errors and grammars, a habit I need to learn not to do ;) It been pleasure to read your books. They are all wonderful!

I would like to congrats you on your two Rita Finalist books "Tis the Silly Season" and "You Can Count On Me" making it to the list! Yay!

Melody said...

Wow Julia, Roxanne stopped by your blog! That's so exciting! ;)