Friday, March 23, 2007

Innocent in Death by JDRobb

(Futuristic romantic suspense) ***** stars
The story began when an history teacher, Graig Foster was murdered at the private school, after his young wife sent him on his way to work with a packed lunch of his favorite foods and chocolate. Turn out it was ricin that killed him. His colleagues and students were shocked and couldn't understand why a nice and kind...innocent man like Graig was murdered. It was up to Eve Dallas, Lt. of the NYPSD, to find answers to this murder case and find all the potential suspects. But there been a secret behind the school staffs and not all is seem to be.

Eve seem to have a personal problem with Roarke past ex-lover Magdelana Percell, who seem to use every trick to manipulated and she is anything but innocent. But Magdelana visit cause problem between Eve and Roarke. And it leave Eve feeling emotional turmoil about their marriage.

I think this is the best book to date! I love how well developed Eve and Roarke relationship are. You can feel their frustration and their emotion, but yet at same time you can see they try to handle the problem the possible way they know how. I think that Eve handle it very well, even when she suffered. Of course they both suffered. It really hard for me to try not to spoil it, so I'm going refrain from saying anything else.

The crime, was bit shocking but yet if I paid attention I would have figure out who the killer was. Who would ever thought the killer would turn out to be...that one. I couldn't imagine it, and it still shock me, now. It was nice twist to the story and very well thoughts out. The dialogue was great and descriptive well. Great plot and easy read. And wonderful cast, love them all

I highly recommend to read all of In Death series. They're great! You can't go wrong with reading any books by JDRobb(AKA Nora Roberts). If you want to find the list of order the books is written, check out the link at the bottom. Also you might want to try Nora Roberts backlist as well. They are good too.

Nora Roberts website

Turn The pages Bookstore
(This link right here, is the store that carries all Nora's backlist and new books)


Christine said...

This sounds great. Everyone keeps talking about the In Death books. Next trip to the book store, I'm going to pick one up.

Julia said...

Christine - I hope you give the In Death a try. You'll never know, you might end up liking it :)