Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lending Library

Booking Through Thursday

1.Do you lend your books to other people? If so, any restrictions?

- Oh gosh - I hate to say it but yes I do lend books to friends but am always give them some strict rules about taken care of my books LOL ! Lent some to a guy-friend and since then he tell me that I'm little crazy LOL !

I told him to please not to crease on the spine and don't put any stain in them or even wet the book. And that when he return it to me it have to be in the same good condition like when he first had it...he looked at me like I was crazy..ha! Sometime though if the books is old, I weren't care what he or my other friends do with it :)

2. Do you borrow books from other people? (Friends or family--I'm not talking about the public library)

- I do borrow books from other people. I have distance on-line friends who I borrow books from and return back to them when I am done. I have a book that I borrow for almost long period of time. Just haven't got around to return it back since I been busy, but lucky I have understanding friend. And I reminded her that I still got her book, so that she won't forget who got it if she end up trying to look for it. But she kept telling me to take my time and that there no rush for it. make me feel guilty ;) Thanks goodness this is only the first time it happen :)

3. And, most importantly--do the books you lend/borrow get returned to their rightful owners??

- Yes and no. Like I have mention on question # 2, I make sure friends know that I still got their books and will return it. I don't borrow lot of books though, since most of the time I borrow books from the library. Some books I do lent to either get return or never return. My sister for example, she took one of my book and never return it. Since then I have no idea where the book are *sigh*

Happy Booking Through Thursday! Happy Reading!

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Melody said...

Hey Julia, seems like we love our books too much!!! LOL. Happy BTT!

kat said...

I agree with Melody! Hahaha. Well, at least your friend was good enough to take care of your book!

Btw, I see you're reading Erin McCarthy's "Mouth to Mouth"! I loved that book. I got it on sale when one of the bookstores here just put it in the discount bin. I enjoyed her short novels so I took a chance at this. It's fun!

Julia said...

Melody - Of course we love our books too much LOL ! It our baby LOL

Kat - I love Erin's books too. Do check out all of her books. I end up winning most of her backlist from basket ruffle. Haven't read them all yet, but I'll get there.

Thanks both of you for stopping by blog. Happy Booking Through Thursday and Happy Reading!

Marianne Arkins said...

No such thing as loving our books too much!

Happy reading and Booking It!

Darla said...

You're a lot more generous than I am. Which I knew already. **smooches**

Chris said...

Your sister sounds like my mil!

I might be afraid to borrow books from you though ;)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great answers, and I totally agree! Us book lovers are a little particular about our books, but that is to be expected :)

Happy Thursday and Happy Reading!

jenclair said...

Every booklover has his own rules! I love seeing the similarities and differences. Thanks for visiting and leaving a link!

Julia said...

Marianne - You know am always looking forward to see what you have to say for BTT post LOL ;)

Darla - and you are lot smarter then I am, and I know I would love to learn your smartness when it come to books ;)

Chris - LOL you can borrow my books anytime, as long as it get return back to me LOL

Stacy - Us book lovers just taken care of your babies that all ;) Thaks for your comments

Jenclair - You right, every one has his own rules, and it really interesting to see the similiarities and differences :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by..Hope everyone have a wonderful day! Happy BTT !

teabird17 said...

Thanks for visiting!
here's mine:

Julia said...

Teabird17 - thanks inviting me to your blog and for stopping by here!

Happy TT and have a nice day

Literary Feline said...

It's best to be upfront about your expectations, regardless of what they are. It makes the experience of sharing books much more enjoyable--and painless. LOL

debi said...

Loved your answers! I can just picture the look on your friend's face as you laid down "the rules".
Happy Reading!