Tuesday, March 06, 2007

10 Things You'd Like to Learn How to Do

Ten on Tuesday

I like to learn to....(and in no order)

1. do what Darla do - I always wonder, how does she do it. She is fast reader and can managed to write wonderful reviews, which I cannot do too well. And am such a huge reader :) I've learn a bit here and there from her and hope to learn more :)

2. to become a writer (maybe someday I take up to become a writer/author *grin*)

3. to be good and better cook

4. to ice skate

5. grow flowers garden/plant

6. dance/sing

7. protect myself from danger(kidnap,crime..etc)- so am planning to take class for women protection/and karate

8. knitting/quilting. Saw so me neat stuff my friend made and it was wonderful and beautiful

9. Candle wax making

10. Cut/and style hair


Melody said...

Hey Julia, great list! I'd love to grow flowers/plants too, as well as knitting. And YAY on #2!!!

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

An ambitious list! If you accomplish have of those things, you'll really be doing something wonderful. I couldn't even think of 10 things. :-)

Julia said...

Melody - My mom usually the one growing flowers/plant garden in front yard. I may need to watch her how she does it ;) And the knitting thing, I really want to learn to do that

JH Siess - I hope to accomplished them all from the list, but that would take time...thanks for encouragement AND thanks for adding notes on my "post it note" at my blog. Enjoy getting that note *grin*

Thanks both of you for stopping by my blog. Happy Ten on Tuesday and I hope you have great day! :)

debi said...

What a wonderful list! I could have added a few of those to mine as well...candle making sounds like so much fun!
Have a wonderful week!

amy said...

what a great list..ice skating is so peaceful if you are falling on your rear.. I want to learn knitting as welll!

leighmdavis said...

Candle making would be soo cool! Thanks for the comment! I can't wait til next week.

Julia said...

Debi - I always wanted to do candle making, it'll be a nice to give them away as gifts to friends :)

Amy - I always love watching the professional Ice skating on TV. Just love it. If you ever learn knitting, don't forget to teach me how ;)

Leigh - Candle making is cool isn't it? And even make your own frangrance too ;)

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog and thanks for leaving note on my "post it note" again. Happy Ten on Tuesday to everyone! Hope you had nice day :)

Darla said...

Hah. If you do #1 (very honored, by the way, to be #1! wow!), does that mean you want to be chronically behind, too? :)