Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy **** 1/2

(Erotic Romance)

Erin McCarthy website

Russ Evans, a Cleveland detective, was investigation Trevor Dean who is a theft and fraud con artist who ripped women off of their valuable stuff. On stakeout with his partner Jerry Anders, Russ was getting ready to arrest him at the Coffee Shop after he found the meeting notes that Trevor going to met a woman name Laurel. Only instead he found Laurel by herself Coffee Shop and Trevor was no where in sight. He wonder if she is Trevor's accomplice and then She look too innocent and sweet to be a con artist. He later found out that Trevor have been using Russ name through exchange of online e-mails with Laurel. And most of their e-mails conversation are talked about sex and meeting each other. Ross want to protect her from Trevor, and hope she doesn't do anything to danger herself.

Laurel was tired of playing safe and living in a way people want her to be. So she decided to take the risk meeting people from online. she have not has sex in 6 years. And she want it. After her college friend, an old classmate of Russ, told Laurel about him she contact him through online. Only thing was, she thought she was meeting "the real Ross" at Coffee Shop. When it turn out the man she talked with online was con artist, she felt embarrassed and wanted to rush for home. She later realized that the con man is still out there and want to protect other women from Trevor Dean. She want to make a difference, matter. So she decided to action on her own hand, even if Ross dissaprove of it.

I love the interaction between the two main characters. They sizzle the pages! And I feel close to Laurel and can identify with her because she is deaf. I understood with her situation and the life that she grew up with. I also love interaction between the cat Ferris, his cop partner Jerry. We only get to see a little bit of interaction with Ross and his little brother Sean. I wish to see lot more of it. The second characters were fun too!

This book start out with a steamy bang! The characters relationship didn't get built up or aren't well drawn out yet from the beginning, until later. While I do love a steamy scenes, I like my characters to get to know each other and built up their relationship first. That the only complaint I have with books, but other then that the book was good! There is whole another meaning of using Pixy Stix, powder candy, in with the hot scenes, that you'll never look at Pixy Stix as plain in that way again *grin*. Mouth to Mouth was fast easy pace read and entertained. Very delightful fun humors and tender moments. And wonderful cast of characters. It had me laughing

You can tell I try not to spoil this book too much. It very hard to do. But if I did, I apology ahead of time. I have learn that the rule of the thumb is to always write reviews from the first three chapters of the books. This way it assure me that I didn't over spoils it for anyone :)

Mouth to Mouth is part of an connection books to the "The Bowling Friends" novellas book. So if you want to read the four novellas in order, then here are the books :

1. Bad Boys Online - Hard Drive
2. Bad Boys Over Easy - Fuzzy Logic
3. When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys - Lady of the Lake
4. Bad Boys of Summer - It's About Time
5. Mouth to Mouth (A single connection titles)

I'm fan of Erin McCarthy, and usually like her books. They are quick and fun read. If you want to check out her books, click the website above.


Melody said...

Great review, Julia. I have this book in my TBR pile (along with a few others by Erin). Glad to hear you enjoyed reading it. :)

kat said...

I already told you I love "Mouth to Mouth" right? One thing I liked about this book as well was the treatment of Laurel's character. Not once did I feel sorry for her because, well, I won't say for fear of spoiling the story for others. In fact, I envy her for having Russ!

Hmm, I'm going to have to look for the other books.

Darla said...

Hmmm. I'm still resisting. I've liked some of Erin McCarthy's books quite a lot, but I still haven't read The One that'll make me decide to go buy all her books.

Which is kind of sad, I think, because if I didn't have such a huge TBR pile, I probably wouldn't hesitate. I hate having to be ruthless about it. :(

Julia said...

Darla - Hmmm...well you know that Challenge of the month we both are doing? Since you are avoiding Erin McCarthy books, this is good time at any to read it? *duck head* ;)

I have huge TBR pile too, and if it wasn't for my re-read..I would have catch up then *shrug* so I totally understand. So you aren't ruthless :)