Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ten Things You Hate Doing

Ten On Tuesday

1. cleaning/doing chores (toilet, trash)
2. Getting somewhere late
3. To ask for favor / ask for help
4. fighting with people I love
5. To apology (but I do it anyway *grin*)
6. standing in big crowd ( I get nervous and shy this way)
7. Asking people to repeat the questions or comments
8. Wake up early in the morning
9. procrastinator
10. exercise


Melody said...

Hey Julia, great list you have here! I hate asking for favours too, and I hate going onstage! I should've added those to my list as well, oh well...LOL.

Julia said...

Hi Melody - first thanks for stopping by :)

Am always nervous standing around crowd or in front of crowd. OMG going onstage is worse for me too! You hear me making nervous blabbling onstage LOL

Happy Ten on Tuesday to you!

Melody said...

I'm always nervous on stage (not that I have the chance of being on stage most of the time!). I recall I didn't dare look at the audiences while I received a prize from my primary school Principal. I got down the stage immediately after shaking hands with him. LOL.

Domestic Geek said...

I hate crowds, too, though it's more my claustrophobia than anything else. My list is here. Have a great day!

amy said...

I hate crowds as well except at Christmas time..Not sure why..being late is the worse for me. I should have had that on my list!

debi said...

Wonderful list! I really should have put #10 on mine, too...I just keep trying to convince myself that I don't really hate it. Ha.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

ti'mo said...

Hey, these are great...may have to borrow some! :)

Patty said...

I hate to procrastinate, too, but I still do it. Shame on me!

Just Expressing Myself said...

I hate being late too.
Especially first thing in the morning - aggravates me for the rest of the day.
Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Oh yes, #3 is TOTALLY me. I'm FIERCELY independent - almost insanely so. In fact, my husband often wishes I WOULD ask for help sometimes.

*snort* Yeah right.

Thanks for stopping by! *wave*

Jennifer Coomer said...

I'm the same way about having to asking someone to repeat themselves, too. It gets embarrassing sometimes. I think I must be a litte hard of hearing.