Monday, March 19, 2007

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips *****

(Contemporary Romance)

Chicago Stars quarterback, Dean Robillard life went pale after he became one of America's most famous football player star and a well known success career. But when he got into a serious shoulder injury, he went on a soul-searching road trip to figure out what went wrong. He happens across Blue Bailey, walking alongside the road wearing a beaver costume. From there the two began to irritate each other with lying to one another. But Dean find that it might be more interesting to tag her along to his summer home in his farm in Tennessee.

Blue Bailey, an portrait painter, was on mission to murder, or do body harm, her ex-boyfriend after he made a call saying she was his inspiration, the only best friend he ever had and trusted. And he begged her to leave Settle and come to met him. Only she discover he left her a letter stating that he had fell in love with someone else. Then after she got thrown out by landlord and with no money or anywhere to go, she end up taken the trip to Dean farm house in Tennessee instead.

Both have common background, a abandonment issues in their pasts. Being neglectful by their parents. They searched for forgiveness, accepted and finding love again. Their romance push them to a deeper level about understanding each other.

I really love this book. It was very comedic fun but emotionally involved for me. At one point one of the scenes just made me sad for Riley, as she starved for attention. She made me cry. I like to think that Riley is the one who changed everyone life :) You will grow to love each characters as you watch them go through issues that needed to be confronted. I just love them all. It has plenty of funny moments too. I find myself laughing over thing Dean and Blue did or quoted all the time. And the romance between them were sizzling. I like the way Blue interacted with Dean's family. Especially toward his father, which has me laughing so much. I also like the way Dean interacted with Riley. Or how Riley interacted with everyone. There is secondary lover story characters that I enjoy also. And an old woman who you want to hate but really feel sorry for her.

This is the 7th books of the Chicago Stars series. And I love it as much as I love all the other previous books. I really like the way Susan's write and hope to see more of this series. The Chicago Star's gang are not always perfect but Susan have a way with making us love her characters in spite of all their flaws and flawless. I highly recommend you to read this series. They are all good :)

Susan Elizabeth Phillips website

Above, you will find the link that take you directly to Susan's website. If you want to read the Chicago Stars series in order..then they are listed below :

1. It Had to Be You
2. Heaven, Texas
3. Nobody's Baby But Mine
4. Dream A Little Dream
5. This Heart of Mine
6. Match Me If You Can
7. Natural Born Charmer (the latest book this year in HC)


Melody said...

Hey Julia, you sounds like you enjoyed reading this book a lot! I haven't been reading Susan's book for a while...I used to like some of her older releases but have lost interest with her newer ones though.

Julia said...

Hey Melody - yep I always enjoy these series. I wish you would read them too :) I haven't read all her older books or her newer one either. I been too caught up on the Chicago Stars series, that I delay reading her stand alone one *sigh*...thanks for your comment :)

Darla said...

Glad to see you liked it. I thought you would. :)

Julia said...

Darla - you know me so well :) I promise to stop by Jennifer Crusie forum to comments on SEP's Natural Born Charmer, soon :)

kat said...

Wow, there's alot in this series. I see I need to play some catch up with it. :) Thanks for this! Y'know, I probably wouldn't be updated with SEP's Chicago Stars if you didn't post about it ^_^ (don't get to go to the bookstore nowadays much, sniff).

Julia said...

Kat - glad to help you and your welcome. Stop by here anytime to see more series list in order for you ;) Thanks for stopping by here