Tuesday, April 10, 2007

10 Highschool Memories

Ten On Tuesday

1. The guy who I thought was going to take me to the prom ended up sending me note saying he was kidding about the whole thing, and never tend to take me. Long story, but I end up hating him since then. But now I'm over it. And his sister happen to be one of my best friend, who I still contact. Without her, I weren't be able to make it through the years. There were many good memories of our friendship

2. I never went to the prom on both my Junior and Senior years, even though when I tried to find a date. I want to party like everyone too. However, I was glad I didn't go. I spent all that night watching movies with my close gal-friends. We had a great times. It was a night to remember!

3. I was never a smart or Honor Roll in highschool, but when I saw that my grade on my report were good enough to be part of an Honor Roll student - I was so excited. There was an breakfast event for all Honor Roll that week. And I participated. It was really fun to be in the same room with all the other Honor student! It only happen once, but it was the highlight for me and my family that week :)

4. We use to have this thing that we call "Carnation Days" where the club donated roses to all the people who want to order one for their Valentine in school. And you can attached a notes that was tied with ribbons(we punch a hole in the notes to thread the ribbon through it). I used to love this events because not only are they selling it for Valentine but for any other holidays. It was lot of fun getting roses from your love one. And cute written notes of loves :)

5. When I was in school we had a "Spirit Day", which always happen when our school football team are playing against other schools that day. We would have a themes to dress up to show our spirit to the team for each weeks. I did the "boys/girls exchange". I had to dress like a boy. Then we had "Polka Dot Day" in which we wear something that has dots in them. We also did "Babies Day", everyone has to dress in baby clothes and use babies stuff(blanket, pacifiers, bottles..etc.) It was lot of fun to watch what everyone come up with.

6. Homecoming Spirit was also lot of fun too. It the spirit for homecoming games. Our school would have a door contest. Each homeroom class have to make up an idea that goes with our homecoming game themes title and decorated it on their doors. Some homerooms were very creative as they used craft papers roll and paste it all over their doors with their decoration themes. The homeroom class winner get prizes. It was lot of fun. I think once, our themes was under the seas. We had to make up something that had to do with seas and use catchy words for the tiles. Can not recall what we came up with but I remember how pretty it was :)

7. Even though I never try out for any sports or cheerleader (thanks goodness! - sorry nothing against people who did!) but I always want to try the newspapers staff. Every weeks, on Friday, there be newsletter to hand out to any student who wish to buy one. And I always buy it every Fridays just to catch up on events or things that happen on the news. I guess reading the newspapers is like reading a book, which is probably why I was excited to get one every Friday, like I would be when I found new books to read *grin*

8. I had crush on a Senior guy when I was in the 10th grade. He was very tall, broad and handsome. He would smile at me every time he say hello to me. And all I can do is smile and blush *LOL*...he and I became friend after. I wonder what ever happen to him? *grin*. There was another guy I had crush on but got embarrassed when he read the note that was supposedly for a gal friend. And most of the notes was all about him LOL! I was drooling in that notes *looking embarrassed now* I end up not dating them though, even though they were very nice to me

9. During lunch hours, I would sit inside the school building, on the carpet floor. It where people usually sit and hang out while they eating lunch. I was never a lunch person in the lunch room, so am always sitting inside the building chatting with my close good friends on the floor. It was a lot of laughs. It the favorite place of the school building we hang out at.

10. The day when I said a sad goodbye to my school and classmate was the day when I graduated with my classmate. It was a sad farewell and most of the time I spent it in tears as I hug my friends goodbye. We were going in different direction, so we knew we won't be seeing each other for longest time. I still think about my friends and wonder what happen to them. From time to time(even now), I even pull out my Senior year book and look at the old pictures of my friends. :)

What about you? What your 10 Highschool memories?

P.S - please excuse my errors. I'm on rush ;) :)


Melody said...

Julia, I enjoyed reading your list. I smiled when you mentioned about the crush, because they all sound so familiar! Happy Ten on Tuesday! :)

Rosh said...

I loved spirit days! Pajama day was my favorite! Carnation days were also fun.

I think that the saddest part about looking back to high school memories is remembering all the friends you no longer keep in touch with. I know I miss a lot of my old friends and sometimes wonder what they're up to. Thanks for sharing!

Jolene said...

Hi Julia. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I really liked high school and I missed it. Times were so easy back then. We had spirit week and homecoming also. My husband Dan dressed in drag one day and it was hilarious. We still have the photos. I did the twin day with my friend and also pajama day. Those were the days!

Birdman said...

10. Year 12 Valedictory
09. Year 12 Deb Ball
08. Year 12 Retreat
07. Year 11 Retreat
06. Year 10 Retreat
05. Dating the best looking girl at school for 3 months
04. Skipping every class to practice for the band.... except music class
03. Parties on the weekends
02. Arguing the finer points of philosophy during religion class.
01. The friends and teachers I still have a beer with at the pub 10 years after school.