Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hot Night by Shannon Mckenna

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(Erotic Contemporary Romance/Suspense) * * * * 1/2

Abby Maitland, a development manager for the museum, has history of bad relationship with bad boy. So she sworn to avoid dating them, and made a list of strict criteria for men she dates. But an unexpected locksmith, Zan has changed all that, when she call his company after being locked out of her apartment building. She became mesmerized with him when he protected her from a drunk date gone bad and couldn't get him out her mind. He is everything a bad boy is to be...and yet everything she sworn to avoid.

Zan, a locksmith who work at A Night Owl,was driving on the road trying to get away from everything-including a problem at home with his family. They constantly tell him to changes: his career, his coping mechanisms and personality. He just want to get away and focus on a nice night in the sky. But after hearing Abby protesting cry over the phone, he fear she might be in trouble. But he never thought he'll be attracted to Abby and found it very ironic that every time she in date trouble that she always called him

But a murder stalked both of them and the cat and mouse game to find the lost treasure became dangerous. Abby knew that her friend did not died of suicide and that she was murdered. But no one believe her, so to find the killer mean she has to do it on her own whether if Zan like it or not.

Usually I love Shannon Mckenna's books (especially the McCloud Brother series). Her alpha heroes are always dark and very arrogant controlling, domineering macho males. Zan in this case is alpha but not alpha enough to be dark (like McKenna's other previous heroes) but good enough to be likable. He just a little different, and I'm not sure if that is because this book isn't part of the McCloud Brother series. Or is it? I like Zan and he is good character. I know he got his flaws and I don't fault him for that reason. But he protect what is his and that one of the likable thing about him. His family may not be explored thoroughly, but it was seen and reasonably written enough to get to know them a little better. You know there is interaction between the family. This is an hint for that "someday" that the Duncan clan story will be told (From McKenna newsletter, she said she like to explored the Duncan family someday). Abby, the main heroine was strong and likable too. This wasn't the "whodunit" plot line but it was good well written plot. And what you expected of the hot steamy scenes from McKenna is still there :)

Shannon McKenna is an auto buy for me and am always looking forward to her new books coming out. The bad boy heroes, whether they're the good or the bad, is always a likable heroes in her books IMO. One of the thing I love about Mckenna work is that you can always count on her to always have a good plot line and not just only all about sex (mind you I love her sex scenes!) And a good writing in depth with good characters. I don't think you can go any wrong with her books.

Hot Night is a very fast pace and steamy reading. Great romance between the characters and good plot with a little good humors. The suspense were good and the villain were well crafted written. It wasn't one of my favorite book of McKenna but it is a good book and I enjoy it! I think reader should try reading it.

If you like to try her other work, then do try her McCloud Brother series. Here is the order the books is to be read:

The McCloud Brothers series:

1. Behind Closed Door
2. Standing In the Shadows
3. Out of Control
4. Edge of the Midnight (release August 2007)


Melody said...

Hey Julia, glad to see your review is up! Been waiting for it...hehe. Great review too. Have a great day/evening! :)

Julia said...

Hi Melody - so sorry for this late review. I kept pushing it back because other books were more interesting for me than the others. But here it is *grin*.

I did lot of thinking on this review though, but it was well worth the enjoyment of reading it. Thanks for your comment. I appericate it. And you too, have good day :)

kat said...

I've only read one Shannon McKenna book, thanks to a preview at the back of one of my other books. It was "Return to Me". I like it, and I'm currently on the look out for more of her works. Thanks for the review!