Monday, April 02, 2007

Montana Skies by Kay Stockham

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(Harlequin Super Romance)

After the death of her husband, Rissa Mathews and her fourteen years old daughter Skylar move from New York City to North Star, Montana. Rissa decided to agree to stay with Maura at the Second Chance Ranch and help around the ranch, until she is able to find a job as a pilot. And hope that by that time, she can move away from their temporary home and return back to normal life. But Skylar refuses to fit in the new school and have causes trouble. She had change suddenly from being innocent child into a gothic-look appearance. And now everyone in town don't want her daughter near their children. No matter how much Rissa try, she couldn't get through her daughter to talk to her about what happen to her that made her changed so much.

Jonas, a sheriff, caught Rissa speeding and was just about to hand her a ticket but has a heart when he learn that Rissa's husband had die in car accident. He understood what it felt like to lose someone too. His wife left him, to raise their shy and insecure daughter, Caroline on his own. Not everything is happy in Jonas life either. As he try to be the father he knew how with his daughter, things have gotten out of hand when he realize he didn't know his daughter as he thought he did.

The struggle of being a single parent were hard, as both Rissa and Jonas tried to make the best they know how with their own daughters. But as they watch closely, they realized that when their daughters are together, it seem their friendship bring out the best in each other. And Rissa see it, that it a good thing. And just maybe...Skylar would be herself again and trust Rissa enough to tell her what have changed her. But not only does the girl friendship get closer, but it also bring Rissa and Jonas closer. And that scared Rissa since she afraid that when she does leave Montana, does it also mean leaving Jonas and Caroline too? The romance between them were sizzling but it is a struggle too as both try to understand each other issues.

Montana Skies has been an emotional involving story for me. As I watch both girls dealing with issues, you just couldn't help but cry for them. I can feel their wanting to belong. Or the pain one of them went through as she struggle to hide the little secret from her parent. I stay up late, turning the page until the end to find out what that secret was. And what I discover wasn't really a surprise (since I knew at the back of my mind what it was) but it is however a tiny bit surprise about what happen and situation. She was an interesting character for me. Each characters has issues that need to be confronted, forgiven and find love again. Love the interaction between the girls friendship and their parent. The romance between Rissa and jonas was sizzling hot that you wonder if they might see blue skies again. A very powerful book about friendship, romance and love :)

Kay Stockham did great job of making us feel for each characters. Wonderful case of characters and the dialogs were well written book. I can't wait to read more book by Kay Stockham, it was a wonderful book!

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P.S. - Again I really tried to not spoiler this review, but am afraid I may have. Sorry about that too :) Now I need to be quiet, I talked too much LOL


Melody said...

Hey Julia, you have written a fine review. And I could tell it is a heartwarming story, with friendship and love as well. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Julia said...

Thanks for your honest comment on this review. I try to write the reviews as best as I could *grin*...even when it stink hehehe.

Melody said...

Julia, of course we will try our very best when writing reviews! As long as we write what we feel, I think it's good enough already. :)