Tuesday, April 03, 2007

10 Things You Love About Springtime

Ten On Tuesday

This is in no order at all. Here is my list.......

1. Nice warm weather! A beautiful day outside
2. The spring flowers and it fragrance smell (Tulips are my favorite!)
3. Cook out grill in the backyard - BBQ....YEAH!
4. spring break - but in my case it Family spring mini vacation
5. A visit from my darling nieces (since they get spring break from school
6. A special celebration events (Babies Showers, Birthday parties, Wedding, Graduation..etc)
7. Take pictures! - In springtime, the pictures always turn out really beautiful. It nice time to take family reunion pictures too, which I do every year in the spring.
8. Nice clothes/less article of clothes to wear LOL
9. swimming and tanning (either at the beach or at home)
10. Easter, Eggs decoration and family gathering


Debi said...

A perfectly delightful list!

Gail said...

Mmm, grilling. I forgot about that one!

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

tulips! yep! so pretty. they just feel sunny.

where i come from bbq is a noun,
not a verb. ha.

amy said...

Nice list! i cant wait to grill our more either

Christine said...

I love your list! I can't wait to get out in my garden. Nothing better than digging in the dirt.


Sueellen said...

Great list, I forgot about bbq's! I love spring the most!


Melody said...

Great list, Julia! Wish we have 4 seasons here!!! :)

Julia said...

Thanks to everyone who stop by and comments my blog! BBQ grilling is always a must that everyone should experince and do :)

Hey Christine - am starting to learn to do garden too. Well..am still a little virgin to it but..mom teaching me *grin*

Hope everyone have a nice day!