Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 9

My Random 13 Questions Part 1 : for Authors, Writer, Avid Reader...

I thought it would be nice and fun to ask the questions to YOU (the blogger) who is an authors, writer or avid reader out there. Just think whatever come to mind. Or you can always wait to come back here and answers the questions. It'll still be here when you blog hop *grin* :) I realize it is a silly 13 questions, but it is all I can come up with at the last sorry :) I did my best! I appreciate you for stopping by though! Happy T13 everyone! :)

Reason for this Random questions - my family always tell me I ask TOO many questions. Sometime it just never occur to me that I'm doing it. And sometime I have habit of repeating the same old questions even though it already been answered. It just habit that I couldn't help. So I thoughts maybe I post 13 random of questions to you AND you don't have to answers to all of them, just the one that you can do *grin*.......

1. which Characters from the books that you love?

2. If you can have dinner/conversation with any characters, who would it be? Why?

3. Your favorite book(s) of all times?

4. Where is your favorite place to read?

5. If you saw someone reading one of your books (or your favorite books) what would you do? Why?

6. Let have travel back in times, where would that be?

7. What genres of books do you read the most? Why?

8. When writing your drafts for your books, which come first: characters, plot or places? Why? (Same question for reader, except writing drafts for books reports/reviews, which come first: Research, outline or the first sentences/paragraphs? why?)

9. What help your buying choice: Recommendation, Book Reviews, words of mouth or Browse? And why?

10. Let say you can mixed in a characters to met other characters from another world(another books), who would they be? Why? (Example: Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter team met Cindy Gerard Bodyguard team, Eve Dallas met Lily Yu, Harry Potter met Harry Dresden....etc)

11. If you can change/add something (scenes,plot,history) from a book (or your favorite books)what would that be? Why?

12. Let pretend an author going to make you into a character for a book, what characters would you want to be? why? (example: mom, daughter, assassin, spy, cop/detective, military, sport team members, villain, firefighter, demon, witch, vamps, werewolves, wizard..etc)

13. Do you whether read a book that has good: Writing in depth, characters driven, plot driven, humors, good dialogues(dialog?) or emotional depth?

Bonus Question:
When writing draft for your Thursday Thirteen, which come first: the titles edition, themes or the list?

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Christine said...

Yay! I'm first. Excellent list.
My all time favorite book is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.
I mostly read mysteries and drama or plays.
Right now the only time I have to read is while I'm waiting to pick my daughter up from school, which is only about 20mins worth, but how relaxing to get into a good book!
I usually for my T13, have a theme in mind first.
Have a great Thursday and Happy TT!

Darla said...

LOL! To your bonus question--see my TT. :)

1. Harry Dresden, Susan Sto Helit, Lymond, ARGH. too many to name.
2. See above.
3. It all depends on my mood, but even then, I couldn't pick just one.
4. I showed you that last week. :)
5. Ask how they liked it.
6. No clue. I don't have a special affinity for any particular time period.
7. Romance and fantasy.
8. Research--I always go read the Amazon reviews before writing my own.
9. Recommendation. My TBR pile and my must-buy lists are too big to take chances.
10. LOL--I'll take those last two.
11. The events in Narcissus in Chains would all be a dream. LOL
12. A spy/assassin. Definitely. I always wanted to be one.
13. I think for me, it's all about the writing. If it's written well, I connect with the characters, and the plot logically flows from the characters, as does the dialogue and humor or emotion.

jennyr said...

those are fantastic questions but sad to say, I am not into ready books...tsk tsk tsk!Happy TT!

jennyr said...

oops! wrong link! my TT is here:

Christine said...

I have so many favourites it's not even funny. I love Mary Balough's Slightly series. I could read all these books over and over.

If I saw someone reading my book? I'd freak out. I'd probably go over an ask them what they thought of it, but I don't know if I'd tell them I wrote it.

I love to read in the bathtub. It's my ME time. :)

Julia said...

Christine - Thanks for being my first blog comment today and for answering these questions! *grin*. I read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, too. Hey, I can't wait for your party to start! :)

Darla - You're lot of fun when you answers these questions LOL ! Thanks so much for being here :) Oh and I knew you would want Harry Potter to met Harry Dresden, why not LOL

Jenny R - Thanks for stopping by. And it was fun visit to your blog :)

Thanks you guys for stopping by. I appericate it. Happy T13 and have good day!

Julia said...

Hi Christine - Thanks for stopping by :) I may have to try Mary Balough's series books sometime. I'm big fan of series book :) And I think it always a good ideas that everyone get a "ME" time. I suggested it to friend all the time :)

Happy T13! Again thanks for stopping by. Have a good day!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aack! I can't even BEGIN to answer all of this before the kids rip each other's heads off...

BUT when I see someone reading a book I read and loved, I'll stop to ask them how they're doing with it and if they like it as much as I did. Especially if I have a funny story, like the woman at dance who was reading a JA Konrath book; I met him last summer. Always fun to connect with other readers.

Happy TT! Thanks for visiting West of Mars.

Lynn said...

I'll answer some: :)
1. Holden Caulfied of Catcher in the Rye, Little Prince of Little Prince, the leading men in Haruki Murakami's books.
2. Alice in Wonderland comes to mind right now. Just to ask how exciting really are her adventures.
3. All Haruki Murakami books.
4. On the sofa.
5. Smile and ask how's the reading so far.
6. 1500, 1600 those times, I dunno why.
7. Chicklit, literary fiction, mystery
8. Research outline/plot. I need to know where to start and how it will flow.
9. I tend to go and see books reviewed by credible writers but I buy based on my browsing. :)
10. Howard Roark (The Fountainhead) meets Veronika (Veronika Decides to Die).
11. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle of H. Murakami, a happy reunion for Toru and Kumiko.
12. A successful novelist perhaps.
13. All of them.

Bonus: Theme first. :)

Oh, I answered them all. Had fun doing this. Ha ha, can't get enough.

Janet said...

1. Bilbo Baggins, from The Hobbit

2. Professor Snape, from the Harry Potter books...because he's HOT!

3. The Hobbit

4. In a comfy chair

5. Depends on the the past it's happened and I've spoken to the person...

6. I'd travel back to 1993, when I lived in Japan :)

7. Fiction, cause it's interesting

9. I like to browse...covers catch my eye, but if the writing isn't good I put it down.

10. Professor Dumbledore meets Gandalf...that would be interesting!

11. HA, can I answer this after the last Harry Potter book comes out?

12. I'd like to be a photographer who happens to also be a vampire

13. emotional depth

Bonus Question: the list!

Stephanie said...

GREAT list of questions!! answer a few though:

My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird.

I'd love to meet Joe Morelli from the Stephanie Plum books because he's so sexy on paper, he'd have to be better in real life!

I love to read Blogger reviews of books...that is the biggest help for buying books!!

Happy TT!

Tink said...

My favourite book of all times is Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. The movies are good too, but nothing beats the books.

I love to read in nature on a quiet place and... on the toilet!

I never disturb anyone reading a book, because I hate it if someone disturbs me when I'm reading!

I'd like to travel back to a lot of times. I love history, so seeing it for real would be great!

I find books in all kinds of ways: internet (TT gave me a lot of new writers!), recommendations from people I know have a similar taste, etc.

If an author was going to make me into a character for a book, I'd love to be the witch I am. :-)

When writing draft for your Thursday Thirteen, the theme comes first.

Fun list! Thanks for visiting mine!

Julia said...

Susan - It always fun to connect with authors *grin*. But can be scary too LOL ! But I enjoy it :)

Lynn - It please me that you're enjoying these questions *grin*. And I'm enjoy reading what your answer be. Thanks for doing this :)

Janet - Professor Dumbledore meets Gandalf, should be interesting *grin*. I like that answer! :)

Stephanie - I like Joe too, he my favorite.

Tink - I sense that lot of people love Lord of the Rings. I do too :) But I only seen all movies but not the books :)

Thanks everyone for taken the time to post your answers. I know it was a bit time consuming for anyone to answers to all questions. But I hope that you guys has fun with it anyway :)

Have a nice weekend!