Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 11

Thirteen Items In My Purse

I know that I should have taken pictures of these items, but my camera isn't working and I'm trying to figure out why I have this problem. So instead of pictures, I decided to just list each items anyway. Sorry! Hope you like the list *grin*....thanks for stopping by and Happy T13 to you!!

1 - Cell phone and holder
2 - changes/cash
3 - mirror
4 - heart shape keyring/keys
5 - CARMEX - for sore and chapped lip
6 - 2 different liquid colors lip gloss
7 - ID License
8 - Candies (box of raisin-net, small bag of M&M and breathe mint candies *grin*)
9 - personal card (my business cards, medical cards, haircut business card, coffee coupon card, Blockbuster card, nails business card, library card, books business card...etc)
10 - 2 pen
11 - receipts (Walmart, Malls, King Buffet restaurant, McDonald, Popeye's chicken..etc)
12 - Eyes and lips liner
13 - Wallet that hold other important stuff and pics of my family and nieces

What about you? What items are in your purse?

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Melody said...

Hey Julia, thanks for sharing! :) It's always interesting to look at a girl's purse, LOL!

My work bag consists of:
1) Cellphone
2) Foldable umbrella
3) Compact mirror
4) 1 lipgloss
5) Bunch of keys
6) A packet of tissues
7) Wallet
8) Public Transport card (train/bus)
9) Thumbdrive
10) A few diskettes
11) A book for reading while travelling in the train

Julia said...

Melody - thanks for being my first commenter LOL!

How did I know you were going to add book in your bag...*grin*. It interesting to see what items in your bag, thanks for sharing that with me :)

And thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! Happy Thursday to you!

Dragonheart said...

Sounds like a pretty typical purse! :) Since I'm a cat, I don't have a purse. My mom carries 2, 3, 4 (keys), 6, 7, 10, 11 and 13 in her purse, along with some Purell and a comb.

Ingrid said...

i could see that you got everything you need there in your bag!! it all comes in handy! great idea for this week's T13 list.

Darla said...

LOL! One of these days, I'm going to do this, but it's got to be with a picture, because otherwise, nobody would believe that all that stuff fits in my itty-bitty purse.

It all started over 20 years ago, when my mom told me that now that I was a mom, I had to start carrying a bigger purse. I've been proving her wrong ever since. *rolling my eyes*

Tink said...

Pity there's no picture! ;-) I did the same some weeks ago:
This week my TT is about collections I have.

Toni said...

I haven't carried a purse in years! Guess I should get back to it!

Mine is up!

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like my purse, with extra emphasis on the lip balm -- gotta have that!

Happy TT and thanks for visiting my blog!

Christine said...

I seem to have a lot of garbage in my purse. I don't mean useless things, but real garbage. Candy wrapers, tissues, general junk. So much so, I can't find the other things in my purse!

I think it comes with being a mom.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

My purse is BORING. Wallet, pre-paid shopping cards (a fund-raiser for school), inhaler, Sharpies. That's about it. Keys and cell phone go in hand or in pockets.

Happy TT! Glad you stopped by!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I've got much the same thing but no receipts (cleaned them out today) and no candy. Well, I suppose I do have some tiny York mints, but my son is eating them so fast I won't have them for long. Raisinettes sound GOOD!

Julia said...

Dragonheart - wow your mom sure hold lot of stuff *grin*, wonder what you hold in your cat sleeping bed *grin*

Ingrid - thanks for the comments and visiting my blog. Sure thing, I got everything I need...especially foods *grin*

Darla - would love to see pictures of your items in your small purse *grin*...I do carry a small purse too. What items I listed here do seem lot, but reality it not. It can too, fit in my small purse...*heheh*.

Tink - I know, I want to put up pictures of my items too. But the darn camera won't work with me. And normally I never has problem with it until recently. By the way, those were great list of collections you had at your blog today :)

Toni - where do you hold all your personal stuff then? *grin*

Thomma Lyn - I always got to have my lip gloss and chapped lipstick on me anywhere I go. By the way, again Happy 10th Anniversary!

Christine - Sound like your purse need clean up...I do tend to have wrappers in my purse too.

Susan - Fund-rasier....are they cookies and or chocolate they selling? *grin*.

Alyssa - Hey I like those York mints, give me some *grin*. I tend to clean out purse and throw away the receipts. But when I was doing this T13, most were in my purse *grin*

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Happy T13!