Friday, April 20, 2007

Monica's Manhunt by Honey Jans

(Erotic Romance) * * * * Stars
Monica realized that her biological clock is ticking and she decided to it's time to find a real man. So she compile a list of perspective men who might be a good choice. She hope to find someone who can see past her provocative profession and savor her sexy wares. But she never expected to fall in Matt arms, when he stopped by "Spice", a shop that specialized in marital aids and slinky lingerie. He always there when she in trouble and need help.

Matt Shepard prepared to met Monica Lander at "Spice", owned by Monica, to discuss with her about the bachelor and bridal shower party that they are throwing for his brother Will and future sister in law April. But upon meeting Monica, he was in heaven. But when he found out about Monica's manhunt lists, he wanted her to pen him in the lists too.

Their instant connection, was electrifying and hot. Each time they're together, they spark the pages.

This is the first time I read book by Honey Jans. She is an E-book author but some of her books have been published in print books. Monica's Manhunt was a good book. The characters were likable and fun. There was not enough story background about each characters, but it was enough to understand where they are coming from. It was a quick but fun read and I enjoy it.

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Melody said...

Hi Julia, this must be the ebook which you are talking about...great review! :)

Julia said...

Yes it is Melody - and thanks for your kind comment :)