Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Term Limits by Vince Flynn

(Politicians thriller/mystery) * * * * * stars
The night before the budget was to pass, three Washington's most powerful politicians have been murder, and an unknown assassins delivered a shocking ultimatum to the American government. To set aside petty, partisan politics and restore power to the people. Or there will be held responsible for another murder. The assassins want them to act on their promises that they made and withdraw his budget to help raised the tax and cut down all un-need federal program. But when the president and congressman didn't held up to the ultimatum demand, another murder happened. And now all the congressman are afraid for their life.

Stu Garret, the president's Chief of staff and National Security Advisor tried to keep the crime from being solved because they believe it would help the president get re-elected. So they ignore all the suggestion from Special Agent McMahon, as he tried do everything he can to protect the president and find the assassins. But the Assassins always "know" what the president are doing and try to put a scare on him.

Michael O'Rourke, a first-term Congressman from Minnesota and a former U.S Marine, think he know who the assassins might be. The former Marine. He recognizes the killing techniques that American Special Forces use. But it up to him to uncover the identities and stop the killing.

Director Stansfield of the CIA and his assistant Irene Kennedy, head of counter terrorism work together with Director Roach of the FBI and Special Agent McMahon, to solve the leading crime(these people as well as the other people, would be seen again as the series move along. And you will met Mitch Rapp who is the leading main character of the series). Hopefully they will find the killer(s) before they plan another murder. As the unknown assassins began to uncover, danger isn't far behind.

This is my first book read by Vince Flynn. I have heard about him so many times that I decided to give him a try. WOW, I'm so glad I did. I normally do not like to read politician theme, but this book left me with good impression. There are lot of characters that were very well written, that they seem so believable and human. They play their part so well, that you either want to hate them or like them. But normally, too many characters can also ruin the story if I concentrated on trying to remember their names too much instead of focus on the story. But it wasn't like that at all. I was able to remember who is who. Maybe that because the story was easy and fast pace read. If I put the book down and pick it up again, I didn't have problem remember where I left off or what happen previously. I may or may not have already spoils alot in this review, but I hope I didn't. It was hard not to. But since I like this book, it hard to write review for this one, so I stink at this *LOL*

There a little tiny bit of romance relationship between two people, but it not expanded more. The book has plenty of action and suspense more than romance. But that was good enough for me. Reading Term Limits had me glued into the story and turning the pages(except those time I had to put the book down to watch TV *grin*)

Term Limits was a thrilling suspense with great action pack and great characters. It began with a big bang, and then end in good way. It is a very GOOD well done book! I highly recommend you to read it. Term Limits is the opening to the new series. So read this first before the rest of the other series. If you like the TV show 24 then you will love these series. I will be looking forward to read the rest of this series!

If you like to find more info on these series, check out
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The order of Mitch Rapp series:

1. Term of Limit (the opening of the new series)
2. Transfer of Power (the first book to Mitch Rapp series
3. Third Option
4. Separation of Power
5. Executive Power
6. Memorial Day
7. Consent to Kill
8. Act of Treason


Melody said...

Great review, Julia! I know you have enjoyed reading it...though it takes some time since it's a thick book. LOL.

Looking forward to reading Ice Blue next!!!

Literary Feline said...

Oooo! This one does sound good! And thank you so much for listing the order of the series. I'm a stickler for trying to read books in order although I don't always get to.