Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Edition #15

My Niece Trish's Graduation Travelogue

Trish Graduate 2007

Last week, I didn't do my Thursday Thirteen because I was attending my niece Trish's Graduation. It was a very long day but a sweet and exciting moments. I just can't believe she grown up on me, already! *sniff*. It was only yesterday when I put this tiny baby asleep on my stomach with her legs tuck in and arm stress out on my side. A moments that I would cherish and won't forget. So here is my travelogue to Trish's Graduation 2007

1. Wake up at 9AM to take a shower. Then decided to make a cup of coffee and eat some blueberry bagels, while I sit and check/answers emails for awhile. Since my older sister isn't picking me up until 2:45PM.

2. By the times I finish with my emails, two hours have passed. Yeah I normally get lot of emails from different yahoo reading group. Including personal emails. So it'll be around 11ishPM then. I decided to watch "Days of Our Lives" soap opera TV show at 12PM, while I get dress and put on make-up.

3. A pair of jean and pretty V neck black top with make-up later, it almost 1PM and decided to go check emails again. And Trish was on IMs, so I said hi and let her know we're on our way. Then when I'm done with emails, my sister arrive to pick me up at 2:45PM. But she was hungry, and we decided to dig a quick foods that was in the house and ate for 20 minutes.

4. So we left for New Orleans at 3:07PM , which take about an hour 30 minute drive. My sister showed me a stud diamond earring that she brought for Trish as an graduation present. It was beautiful and stunning. We were singing and dancing along with the radio..all to entertained ourselves *grin*. You should have seen the look we got from people driving by LOL! We talked a little and catch up on what we both were doing lately. We talked about what been going on with our family too.

5. Once we got to New Orleans it was already 4ishPM , we went to Trish's house. Since there was no time to take pictures of Trish in cap and gown, because we decided to take her and Heather (2nd niece) to an early brunch at Semolina, we were rushing everything. In the car, on our way to eat, we gifted Trish the diamond earring. She love it. At the Semonlina, I had a nice chicken pasta pour in with white wine on the foods and cheese. I wish I knew the name of the plates that both my niece had, but I know one of them had shrimps and the other had chicken in their pasta. My sister couldn't make up her mind what to order, so she decided to tried each of our plates LOL

6. So we ate for almost an hour, since Trish was supposedly be at the place where her Graduation ceremony taken place before 5:30PM. And she need to be there to get ready to march in with her class. However we gotten there at we were bit late to get there

7. When we got there, some students were either outside taken pictures in their cap and gown with their friends and family or just talking with them. Trish went up and met one of her friend and decided to go in with her to get herself ready. So my sister, Heather and I decided to just stand outside for awhile to wait on their mother. (we were to met them so that we sit together). My niece Heather, decided to take this opportunity to hugs and yell "hello" to her friends...LOL!

8. But we didn't wait outside too long, because my sister decided she was thirsty, so we went to a small store that was just 15 minute drive from where the ceremony take place. After we buy our drinks we went back and decided to just sit in the parking lot and drink for awhile.

9. Heather cell rang, and it her mother letting her know she be there in 10 minutes. So we decided to go in and wait for them there. We saw a table set up with gifts (so that we can buy for the graduate students. We decided to get Trish a red roses and white teddy bear in an cap and gown that was holding a paper-like diploma in it paw. And it also worn an fake black thin eye glasses. I thought this was sooo Trish *grin*

10. Not 5 minute we got inside the building, Trish/Heather mom walk in. The girls grandmother and their little sister came along too. So we went in to find our seats. I didn't realized how small the room was, and it explain why each students was only allow to invited 10 guests only. The uncle and his girlfriend that Trish invited, came 30 minute later after we were seated.

11. So we waited for what seem like an hour for the ceremony to begin. At 7PM the students were marching in side by side two at time in the room and toward their seats. Heather video the whole ceremony with her camera and cheered, shouted and "whooed" very loud the whole darn times. I think she busted my ears drum LOL! I was searching for Trish, so that I can take pictures. But we couldn't find her anywhere. We thought she will be seating on stage in the front, since she told us she would be. But we found out later, she was seating on the chair below with the rest of her class. cap and gown pictures...again! *sigh*.....

12. When it was time for the students to get their diploma, everyone was cheering, clapping and shouting. And there she Trish...walking on stage to get her diploma. She held onto it while photo were taken by professional photographer. I cried as we stood up, clapped and "whoo" when Trish name was called. Not sure if she heard us, but we were cheering very loud LOL! I was proud of her :)

13. After the ceremony was over, We waited for Trish to come out to hand her the gifts we brought for her. Then Trish's mom decided to take us all out to eat. We went to "AA Buffet". Never been there before but the foods was great. We didn't eat long though because we need to head home. It was getting late. Before we left, my sister and I want to take pictures with the girls. So we did. And then after what seem like a hundred times of hugs, kissing on the cheeks, "I love you" being said and "I'm proud of you Trish" moments, we left. Another long hour and 30 minute drive back home. Sister decided to crash at my house, since she live an hour away from where I live. By the time my head hit the pillow, I pass out to sleep LOL!

Congratulation to my darling Trish, WE ALL LOVE YOU!!! And congrats to all of you who family members or friends who had graduated this year :)

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Christine said...

Congratulations to Trish!!! It sounds like you had a great (if not long) day. And it is amazing how fast time goes by.

Christine said...

Way to go Trish! Sounds like everyone had a great time, and a very full day.

Darla said...

Yay! Congratulations to Trish. I loved the pix, btw.

Julia said...

Christine - It was great time, but long night. It sure is amazing how times fly *grin*

Christine - Yep it was full day, thanks

Darla - Thanks for your comment about the pic. I believe this isn't the first time you saw pic of Trish?

Thanks everyone for your congrats. I'm sure Trish appreciate it. I pass your congrats to her :) Have a good T13- a good day!

Tilly Greene said...

Yup, your list reminded me of our day...happy tears in my eyes for your memories.

Putting my arm around your shoulder, a little chick always needs a good auntie at their side :-)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Sounds like a GREAT day, Julia. Congrats to all you guys -- graduating's no small feat!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Trish! And what a super, proud Auntie you are. Sounds like a great -- and very special -- day was had by all.

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Julia said...

Tilly - Aww very sweet of you..and thanks *hugging back* *grin*

Susan - Thanks for cograts, and it so true, graduation isn't small feat! :)

Tomma Lyn - Thanks for congrats. It sure was speical day for me :)

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog. I be sure to pass your congrats to my Trish :) Have a good day!

Melody said...

Congrats to Trish! Glad to hear you guys had a great time... Brings me all the memories. ;)

Douglas Cootey said...

Wonderful story. You've just recorded a memory for her. Maybe you could print out this blog and frame it for her. Or put it in her scrapbook. Better than a URL. :)

Please visit my Thursday Thirteen

The Splintered Mind - Overcoming Neurological Disabilities With Lots Of Humor And Attitude

Julia said...

Melody - Thanks for the congrats, and sure do bring back memories for me...the day of my graduation LOL

Douglas - that is a great idea, and I think I'm going to do just that..thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks you both for visiting and commenting my blog. I be sure to pass your congrats to Trish. Have great day!

Dragonheart said...

Wonderful travelogue! Congratulations to Trish on her graduation! :)

Alice Teh said...


I've enjoyed your travelogue very much, Julia. Happy weekend!... :D

Julia said...

Thanks Dragonheart and Alice for congrats. I'm glad you enjoy the travelogue, Alice :)

I have show Trish this blog, and she have read everyone congrats. She would like to thank everyone so much!