Monday, May 28, 2007

Ain't She Sweet? by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

(Contemporary Romance)
4 1/2 stars

Sugar Beth was the daughter of the wealthiest family in Parrish, Mississippi and was also the prettiest and the most popular in high school. But she also made everyone lives a living hell. And even destroyed them. She had everything she could want..but there is one things she didn't get, and it make her jealous enough to want to get even. Even when it hurt them. But then she left town, leaving "the Seawillows" who is her oldest friend very upset.

Colin was an odd highschool teacher that everyone drool over. But Sugar Beth wasn't smitten with him. She accused him of coming on to her, which cause him to get fired and sending him back to his family in England.

A long years have gone by, and now both are back in Parrish, Mississippi. And things have changed. Sugar Beth no longer the spoil rich girl they all remember and she has came back in hope to find her aunt's valuable painting, which no one believe it existed. She need the painting for a good personal reason, and hope to find it. She stayed in the carriage house that her aunt have left for her and try to find a job while she stay in carriage house. But she would never imagine that Colin, a very famous novelist, now owned the Frenchman Bride that Sugar Beth grew up in. She endure the revenge that was plotted against her by Colin, hiring her as his housekeeper. The revenge that he knew all the people would want to be there to see, including Sugar Beth's half sister Winnie.

A sizzling spark began to happen between Sugar Beth and Colin. They're an unlikely couple who does nothing but annoyed each other. But despite Sugar Beth sassy mouth, feisty spirit and strong attitudes Colin couldn't help but fall for her.

You will see characters going through problem issues that needed to be confront and making amend. As each grow to learn about each others, they also learn to love again. And even forgive.

This is my first SEP's non Chicago Star book. And the first I would finish all the way through. I tried Lady Be Good but never finish it because I couldn't get into the book. I even tried Breathing Room, and couldn't finish that one either. I have love all the Chicago Stars series however. They're all great. I'm relief that Ain't She Sweet? keep me reading. There were some sarcastic, snippy humors that made me laughs. There was also lots of anger issues through most of the pages, that could have upset me enough to stop reading it. But it didn't. Somehow I just knew the characters going to redeem themselves. And as long as they do, then I'm okay with the book. I like Susan's writing style. I think I trust Susan Elizabeth Phillips enough to like continue to read her books.

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