Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh

(Erotic Paranormal Romance- Berkley)
Lora Leigh website
4 half/5

The Breed Next Door is from Hot Spell anthology, which also have authors like Emma Holly, Shiloh Walker and Meljean Brook stories in it too. I only read Lora Leigh's story because I want to see what happen to the next Breed characters. After reading Megan's Mark , it really made me want to go back to read all the Breed books. The Breed Next Door is a very short story. Only ten Chapters. I think I was suppose to read this book first before Megan. But I think it okay to read them stand alone....? I'll be sure to read the Breed in order anyway, since it's my habit to. But one thing for sure, I will go back and read stories from all the authors from this book, later.

Lyra was angry when the next door neighbor, Tarek Jordan use his weed-eater and wacked her most prized Irish roses. But then she couldn't understand how a good looking guy like Tarek end up living next door to her. His inability to cut his grass in his yard is any indication of man who have no clue. But when she was almost attacked by hit man, she knew from the look on Tarek eyes that he is one of the Breeds. The one where she read all the reports from her brothers who have joined in mission to rescue the Breeds.

Tarek was part of an gene engineered with animal genes experience, and he is Feline Breed created to kill. But after fighting for his freedom (as all Breed finally did), he is now trying to live out in the world on his own. In the six months that he live next door to Lyra, he was on an undercover assignment that he performing on his own. But a hit man try to attack Lyra but gotten away. Tarek, wasn't sure why they're after Lyra and not him. Unless the Trainer knew what Tarek is up to and was only trying to put a hit on Lyra to get through him. Tarek knew that he need to protect Lyra even if it mean forfeiting his life and neglecting his undercover assignment.

Lora Leigh did it once again! Even if this is the short story, it still drew me in. I like how Lyra and Tarek provoked each other, it funny. There action and very hot sexual tension and good writing. The Breed Next Door is good read and I enjoyed it!!

I just love the way Lora write. These series are so interesting enough for me to want to keep reading them! And you can always count on Lora's for good sexual hot scenes. I highly recommend to read her books. A bit of warning , her books isn't for the sensitive heart. If you like to read the review I did for Megan's Mark then click here


Alice Teh said...

Oooooo... Looks like more books to add! My to-buy list is building up nicely, thanks to you gals. (Hubby starting to get a little worried with my acquisition. LOL) Nice review, Julia!

kat said...

Tarek Jordan? I was wondering if he was a character in a Jude Deveraux story, but then I realized that the guy was named Tarik, and the girl's last name was Jordan :)

I've read some of Emma Holly's work. Hot. :D Will check this one out.

By the way, I have a blog dedicated for books, but I haven't updated it lately. You can check it out here.

Julia said...

Alice, thanks for compliment, and I do hope you try Lora Leigh...very hot stuff LOL

Hi Kat! Always nice to see you here :) Names can be so confusing sometime *grin*. I read a couple of books by Jude Deveraux before, just can't remember which one. And I haven't read books by Emma Holly, although I do have her books in my TBR piles.

Hey I visit your new blog that dedicated to books. I try to comments but after clicking "Say it" it think I'm spammer *sigh* I couldn't post :) Thanks for visiting, stop by anytime :)

Alice Teh said...

Hey Julia, I bought the book today at Kinokuniya! LOL. Will start reading this weekend once I finish Veronika Decides to Die. :)

Julia said...

Alice - Lora Leigh story in that book is very short, just 10 Chapters ;) So you should finish it in time :) Cross my fingers you'll like it :)

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, I have finished Veronika yesterday -- like it more than the other two I've read. It's interesting to read about the supposedly 'mad' people.

I'm aware that the book is an anthology of short stories. I'm sure I'll like the book. LOL.

Julia said...

Can't wait to read your review for Veronika :)