Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh

(Erotic Paranormal Romance - Berkley Sensation)
5/5 stars
Lora Leigh website - beware you have to be 18yrs or older to enter the website.

After reading my first Lora Leigh's book Dangerous Games (Tempting Seals Series) , I was impressed with the book that I decided to try her other work. I have heard so much about the The Breed Chronological that I decided to try that one next. But it is an whole lot of books to get through the first book, so I decided to just try Megan's Mark first since that was the only one available to me at the time. And then I will start from the beginning, later. As I read, the book give me a hint and the ideas what The Breed is all about. They're a breeds used by DNA from animals to human DNA. There are more to the stories, so I guess I better read it in order to make more sense and better developed relationship. Or is this okay reading these chronological as stand alone?

Megan Fields, who is cursed with power to feel other people emotions, moved to New Mexico in a small town working as Sheriff deputy. She hide her self there to find solace and silence because she didn't want to get overwhelmed with people emotions. But two breeds was found dead in the SUV by The Council, while she was on patrol. And now who ever kill them is after her too. She was attacked and got cornered in a cave, but was saved by Braden after she made an help call to her cousin. And through all the shooting, they both managed to get away. That was only the beginning...and she realized then that her secret pasts will no longer be buried anymore.

Braden Arness, an domination feline breed (with an Lion DNA), is on mission. To solve a mysterious murders and bring down the killers for Breed justice. He want to find the people who raised and brutalized the breeds before they escaped from the holding cells where they were tested and bred to be killing machines. The mission lead him to Megan, when he realize that the killers is after her too. When he found out she is empathy he wanted to use that power to help track the killer. Their attraction bring them hunger for each other. An immediate chemistry that couldn't be resisted.

The Genetics Council was creating Breeds by using DNA from animals to modify human DNA, and Braden is the an enforcer for the Breed Council. Braden's special breeding allows him to protect Megan from emotional overload using his shields.

I learned that Lora Leigh's books are usually explicit capture/bondage, sex scenes that are very graphics and explicit languages. I don't think people realized this is erotic books and not the normal everyday romance books that you read. Many were ranting about that in reviews website. Truth, Leigh's books isn't for the fate of the heart. But I for one, love her books! After reading three of her books, I just knew I'm going to love her. She is a must read! I wish people would just give erotics and paranormal a chance.

I should go back from beginning and read the first book of the The Breed Chronological , to see why Megan's Mark it is graded so low from the readers/reviewers at online website. With lot of history to the stories, it better off to start from the beginning. I'm always the "read in orders" reader when it come to series/trilogy books. I'm not sure if Megan's Mark is more tame then her previous books, but I still enjoyed the book!

I love that the heroine is a strong kick butt character. The hero is an arrogant sexy domination guy. And both characters are alpha and they sure do steam and sizzle the pages. Very hot sexual scenes. There plenty of actions, great dialogues, good writing depth with smooth reading, and plot. Both might be over the top at the end, but the book is still good IMO! I think Leigh's books have alpha main characters (h/h), if it true... then it is great things. I love those type of characters!

I think Leigh's first 8 books was originally from Ellora’s Cave publishing, but now it is available to purchased in paperback prints at online bookstore. Or get a personalized copy directly from Lora Leigh herself. But the last three book is originally printed papers by Berkley publishing and available online as well. I'm just so glad it available in papers now. More author to put in my keeper shelf *grin*

The order the BREED CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER to be read

Tempting the Beast
The Man Within
Elizabeth's Wolf
Kiss of Heat
Soul Deep
Wolfe's Hope
Jacob's Faith
Aiden's Charity
Hot Spell - "The Breed Next Door" (anthology)
Megan's Mark (Berkley)
Harmony's Way (Berkley)
Tanner's Scheme - release in August 7, 2007 (Berkley)

you can find more information about these chronological click here

Please also try her Tempting SEALs Series, her first book is Dangerous Games . It great! My very first book by her. If you want to read the review I did for Dangerous Game , then click here . She have lot more other series you can chose from. You can not go any wrong with Lora Leigh books, it a must buy for me :)


Melody said...

Hi Julia, great review! Wow, another series books. LOL. I agree Dangerous Game is a great book, and I can't wait to read the 2nd book next!

Julia said...

Thanks Melody! I hope you read this book, it good. But yep, I agree Dangerous Game is great book too! The second book coming out real soon! YAY!

Thanks for commenting, Melody. You're my regular as well :)

Alice Teh said...

Oh no... (oh yes...) I must go break my piggy bank. No, wait. My piggy's on a riot. Too many good books, too little time... God, help me... You two gals must stop recommending books, OK? LOL.

Julia said...

Alice - we just glad to help you built your TBR pile *duck head* *LOL*! Please do try Lora leigh if you not afraid to read erotic books *grin* :)

Melody said...

I agree with Julia. :D

Alice, you gotta save up some storage space in your room, because I'm sure you gotta need it! LOL.

Alice Teh said...

*throws teddy at Julia (but missed)*

Whoa Julia & Mel... you two really turn my bookworld upside-down. LOL.

I don't mind reading erotic novels at all. Just have to make sure I don't turn lobster red... And don't think I'll have the nerve to read them in public either, unless of course, I mask them with a family-friendly cover. Hahaha.

Julia said...

*phew*! That was close, glad you miss Alice *grin*....and I'm not guilty that I turn your books upside so glad I did..the more books the more merrier. And Melody and I will make sure you get more books LOL

So glad you not turn down by erotic books. Some are really good. And some are not tames either LOL....but I like them :)