Monday, June 18, 2007

The Lasy Spymaster by Gayle Lynds

(Action Thriller/Suspense- St. Martin)
Gayle Lynds website
5/5 stars

I happen to won this signed book from a contest I enter, and not knowing what to expect I read it and fully enjoyed it. It is thick book, about 435 pages in paperback. The writer is a member of the Association for Intelligence Offices. She also a international thriller writer. Some of her books she co- write with Robert Ludlum too. I don't read alot of spy or thriller books, but this book have it. I also usually do not read thick books once I added them in my TBR piles. I normally just wait until summer. Ironically, I got this book during the summer, so I decided to jump to it....and it GREAT book!

Jay Tice, once the CIA Deputy Director of Operations, was a legend throughout the world international intelligence from the Cold War area. He was a traitor mole to the United States, which sent him under strict surveillance in prison when his treachery was exposed. It been three years, and one day he escaped from prison and now the FBI is on hunt for him. But there is reason for his escape and he won't stop until he get an answers.

Elaine Cunningham is a hunter, hired by the CIA's Deputy director of operations, Laurence Litchfield, to assigned to track down Tice. Elaine specializes in finding people who don't want to be found. And she good at it. Then she discover and is shock that there might be more then just finding Tice. She end up in the middle of the spy games and nothing is what it seem. She knew that Tice failed the exchanged three years ago, when he was to handed over Muslim terrorist Faisal al-Hadi for renowned Jewish Soviet dissident professor Pavel Abendroth, who was assassinated there. What really happen three years ago, after Tice was in charge by United States to help exchange with the East German Stasi police?

There a classic backdrop on loves, romance and friendship. Lots of car chasing and on the run actions. Each characters have their own motivations to conspiracy. The characters play their roles so well that you get so involved with them. I love Elaine and Tice, both very strong characters. Including other strong characters as well. Lot of action at the end. The story ended in a great way!

The Last Spymaster is an exciting thrillers with lot of hot on your heel actions. There lot of twist and turn and surprise that keep you up all night until you finish at the end. It keep you turning the pages after pages. It's characters driven, writing driven, great plot and fast pace reading. It believable and very entertaining book IMO. I'm very impress with this book.

Gayle Lynds is the master of the spy thriller. She is my new author to me. The Last Spymaster is the first book I read, and it won't be my last. I think this to be read stand alone. And OMG I love it! I highly recommend you to read it!


Melody said...

Hey Julia! First, congrats on winning this book! :D

I can tell you enjoyed this book, because you've been raving to me non-stop, LOL! Great review by the way. :)

Julia said...

Well if I raved about any books, it only mean I want you to read it...yeah, YOU LOL ;)

Thanks for compliments!

Melody said...

You're welcome, as always. :)

Hmm...maybe I will...later. LOL. ;P

Julia said...

Hmmm...well Melody, knowing you...."later" can only mean (in your dictionary) it'll be a thousand years from now until you will read the book LOL ;)

Kidding - please let me know what you think, if you ever pick the book up :)

Melody said...

LOL. You know me so well...hehe.

Of course I will let you know once I get the book! :P

Alice Teh said...

*WAVES at Julia and Melody*

Julia said...

*wave back to Alice and Melody*