Thursday, June 21, 2007

School Days, Golden Rule Days

Booking Through Thursday

Since school is out for the summer (in most places, at least), here’s a school-themed question for the week:

1. Do you have any old school books? Did you keep yours from college? Old textbooks from garage sales? Old workbooks from classes gone by?

2. How about your old notes, exams, papers? Do you save them? Or have they long since gone to the great Locker-in-the-sky?

- I don't think I kept any of my school books. The moments school is over I return it to the teachers, like all teachers requested us to do. But if I ever did kept one, I don't see them. I may have thrown it away long ago. But if you were to ask me if any of my sibling kept their books, the answers is yes. Two out of 5 of us attend college and some of the books are college books. They kept them in a box and then hide it in closet.

I do however, kept some of my school works. Like the poem that I wrote for my assigned classes. We had to make up a poem on our own. If I ever find it, I will share it with you. For whatever reason, I think I like the poems so much that I want to keep it, to remember it by. And probably another reason I kept it, is that I made an A on it *grin*. I also kept this study note papers of Shakespeare stories that I had to study for test. They were Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet, two of my favorite classic stories of William Shakespeare. When saw the movie of Juliet Caesar I was fascinated by it *LOL* But I love Romeo and Juliet. I didn't get to study or see all the other of Shakespeare stories. But I know some were other people favorites. And I didn't even buy those yellow booklet notes that are require to buy for the test. I never had to save my exams papers, since I know they're not always good grade *grin*....but other stuff I do keep is some booklets, papers, trinkets that associated with school for me to keep them inside my Senior Years book (sorta like Years Book, but it has plastic pocket inside to add memorabilia stuff inside.

How about you - save anything?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!


kat said...

I realized that I keep alot of stuff. Hahaha. I wonder how I'm able to keep them all. :p I'm such a pack rat.

Rhinoa said...

I kept the things I worked hard at too.

Marianne Arkins said...

It seems I'm destined to be "odd man out" yet again...

Mine's up here.

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, I don't really keep the super old stuff. I'd like to, but my parents thought it was a bad idea. So there goes.

Happy BTT!

Trish said...

Hi Julia. I still have a lot of my old high school trinkets boxed away in my mom's attic. Its fun to look back on that stuff *sometimes*.

Best wishes!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great answer Julia :) I keep a lot of things, I'm truly a packrat by nature - but college textbooks is thankfully not on that list! I have thrown all of mine out. I do have some papers and other memorabilia, but not a lot. I guess I had to clean it out to make room for all of the fiction books I seem to buy these days, LOL! :)

Happy Reading!

Barbara H. said...

I wish I had more things from childhood. My mom had six kids and some major moves and just didn't keep a lot, which is understandable. I did keep several college things, though.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Stephanie said...

I kept a few books, but mostly sold them back (I was a POOR college student!)

I kept most of my notes and papers though. But I left them at my Mom and Dad's. When they moved, they dumped a lot of stuff. I wish I had saved them now!

Julia said...

Kat - just curious, where do you keep your things?

rhinoa - It always good to look back on the papers that you worked hard always make me smile :)

Marianne - You're not the odd one out. There other people with common like will see *hugs!* :)

Alice - I think your mom and my mom should meet. B/c mom think the same way as your *grin*

Trish - It sure is fun to look back at things, sometime. The trinket I kept are mostly highschool things...

Stacy - I tend to buy more books faster then I can read them *LOL*...I too need to find room for all the new books too :)

Barbara - I didn't attend college so lucky I didn't have textbooks from that school ;)

Stephanie - Sorry that parents thrown away your stuff...

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog...Happy BTT to you!

Melody said...

Hey Julia! I've only kept some old notes from my administrative course. Other than that, everything's gone! LOL.

cj said...

Poems, huh?

Makes me think about the essay I wrote in 9th grade English. My teacher told me it was wonderful. I wish I still had it. I do remember it was about baseball and having the 'bug'.


Julia said...

Hi Melody! - well are you glad that everything else is gone? LOL

CJ - I remember one of eassy I use to do. The teacher will have questions and we had to answers it in eassy. But I'm so not good with essay LOL..and I think she is the same teacher who assigned us to write a creative poems on our own. The papers turn out good :)

Thanks for stopping by ladies. Have a good BTT!