Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Considering Kate by Nora Roberts

(Contemporary Romance- Silhouette Special Edition)
Nora Roberts website
5/5 stars

My book cover is in pink with picture of ballerina girl, so I have different cover then the one shown above. But both were published in the same year, 2001. I'm not even sure which covers were published first and in which month.

Kate, a famous ballerina, want to go back home after a glamour and fame. She now want to settle down and become a dancing teacher. She knew, home is where she want to be and where she can start the new dancing classes. And she want to be close to home with her family. The old building, that she remember as kid are still there and she hope to rebuilt it and change it to a brand new studio dancing class. When she met Brody O' Connell, she learn he is contractor who have been remodeling her mother kitchen and remodeled her father studio last year. So Kate hired Brody to renovated the building into dancing school.

Brody, a single parent, who raised his son Jack on his own. Since his wife died he did his best to be the father to Jack more better then his own father was not. All that he have done for both was to make the best for him and his son, the two are like team. When Kate hired him to renovated the dancing school, he couldn't resist her effortless allure. He have fallen for her but didn't want to be attached, since his priority was his son.

Nora Roberts always write charming story that make you smile. The characters are likable and sweet. I fell in love with the little boy, Jack. He always seem to make me want to hugs him so much. I love how the Brody make Jack his priority and try his best. You can see how much he love Jack and wanting to be the best parent to him. I also love the reversal role of male/female main characters. Brody a single parent and Kate is a famous ballerina. But both love kids and understood how parent is big role in kids life.

Love Considering Kate and think it good book. It charming and delightful with sweet moments. This book is spin off of the Stanislaski sega. If you want to read the Stanislaski books, then the order are:

1. Luring a Lady
2. Convincing Alex
3. Taming Natasha
4. Falling for Rachel
5. Waiting for Nick
6. Considering Kate
7. Reflections and Dream 2-in-1 collection(Davidov story)

OR if you want to collected them with 2-in-1 story, then buy this title instead

1. The Stanislaski Brothers: Mikhail and Alex
2. The Stanislaski Sisters: Natasha and Rachel
3. Waiting for Nick
4. Considering Kate
5. Reflection and Dream 2-in-1 story collection


Melody said...

Glad you enjoyed the book, Julia! Anyway it wasn't a surprise to me because it was written by NR, hehe. :P

Julia said...

LOL Melody - you know me so well - what can I say *shrug* LOL :)

Alice Teh said...

And it's just like how Nora makes me want to embrace Cian, the hunky-wunky hell of a vampire (no puns intended) as well. Hmmm... LOL.

Julia said...

Alice - Nora have a way of making us want to hugs the characters ;) She is good with writing characters....I'm happy you're enjoying The Circle trilogy :)

DeN said...

I love Nora ROberts! I went on a whirlwind collecting most of her books and now I'm running out of books to buy. So far, the Circle Trilogy's my favorite. I have to agree with Alice. Cian's one heck of a vampire. I'm glad you enjoyed the book, Julia!

Julia said...

Den - have you tried Nora Roberts other Trilogy? Which one? I have read all of Trilogies, but I like Three Sister Island and Chesapeake Bay the best (and maybe the Key Trilogy too)

Thanks for stopping by Den!