Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Squeeze Play by Kate Angell

(Contemporary Romance)
Kate Angell website
5/5 stars

Risk Kincaid, a pro baseball player from Frostproof, FL., has come home after helping his team "Richmond Rogues" win the World Series. During his off-season he hope that coming home will give him relaxation and to unwind. But he also hope to reignite the fire with his high school sweetheart, Jacy who he had fallen in love with. But what he not counting on is his "Bat Pack Boys" pals to tag along and bring mayhem.

Jacy Grayson, the owner of the Jacy's Java has always love Risk. It goes back to high school where they first met. Since then Risk was the only guy that Jacy ever love and wanted. They both made promise that they can be each other rebound lover, if Jacy ever have her heartbroken from boyfriend break-up. What Risk does not know is that there have been no other lovers. But afraid to tell him the truth and Risk will not want her anymore. But there is more to the relationship then rebound lover, and the connection between them bring sizzle chemistry.

Risk and along with his "Bat Pack" gangs, come together for Annual Charity and hope to make different. But the gangs have created lot of fun, wild and crazy time. And there is an heartbreak too. Stevie Cole, baseball trivia whiz, got a surprise that Aaron, the guy she love all of her life is now engaged. heart broken, she lean her shoulder to Zen, one of the baseball player who also just broken up with the woman who is now engaged to Aaron.

You will met up with the rest of the Bat Pack gangs: Psycho, Romeo, Chaser too. There is two romance story here: the main characters and secondary. Both are great. I really enjoy reading this book. I thought that Kate Angell capture the real essence of the summer fun with sexy romance thrown in very well. The characters were likable and delightful and I laughs plenty. If you are baseball fan, you will enjoy this book. The story revolve around the charity and the characters with background of baseball events.

There is a second book Curve Ball, which is story on Psycho, Romeo, Chaser. They are known to be "Bat Pack" boys. I have copy of this book, so I can't wait to read it!

Read Kate Angell's Squeeze Play. It a good fun, summer read with delicious and sizzling romance. Very delicious to read up ;)


Melody said...

Hi Julia, I don't think I've read any book by Kate Angell. Seems like you enjoyed reading it very much because you rated it 5 stars. ;)

I hope the server prob will be resolved soon!!!

Julia said...

I do enjoy this book, it was fun and just the perfect book to read for the summer. I think I might read the second book Curveball since it might be quicker. But of course I will read High Noon *grin*

I too pray my server is solved :) Thanks for comments, as always

Alice Teh said...

I too pray for the quick recovery of your server...

I'm thinking of reading "Me & Mr Darcy" and "Be Careful What You Wish For", both by Alexandra Potter. That's why I'm reading "Pride and Prejudice" now to get Mr Darcy 'right'. LOL.

Great review!

Julia said...

Alice, I have seen both version of Pride and Prejudice and love them both. I haven't read the book though...so...how are you liking Mr. Darcy? ;)