Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Unsung Hero

(Contemporary Military Romance)
Suzanne Brockmann website
5/5 stars

*note* - This book cover, that I have here, is reissue print. There is an original cover before this one. *end note*

The Unsung Hero is the first book, part of the "The Troubleshooter" series. And it is a re-read for me too. I'm re-reading, with my friend Angela, all 10 books until the latest book (#11) The Force of Nature come out in August 14 2007. Also Troubleshooter's book #12 All Through the Night - Troubleshooter Christmas well be out in the same year (In October 30). It suppose to be a short novella, but Suzanne have said she love to write longer novel- and so the novella end up to be longer. I can't wait!

Tom Paoletti, an Lt. of the Navy Seals, is on medical leave after receiving a near-fatal head injury during one of their recent missions. He return home to his uncle Joe where he was raised and his only sister and her daughter, Mallory live too. But it is Dr. Kelly Ashton he wasn't expecting to see coming home. The woman who he had almost slept with when she was younger. Seeing her again bring back memory, and he wasn't sure he want to pick up where they left off when he went away to join the Navy SEALs. But his feeling for her is still there. And coming home to his New England town in Massachusetts, he never thought to catch a terrifying glimpse of the merchant, who was subject of an international manhunt for many years and have causes a American embassy in Paris car bombing in 1996. But alerting his Adm. Chip Crowley, didn't help. Because Crowley think that Tom's head injury make him seeing things that wasn't there, so he didn't believe Tom. So it up to Tom to catch the merchant on his own with the help of his team.

Dr. Kelly Ashton, an divorced Boston pediatrician, came home to help her father Charles after she get the new that he has cancer. But Charles is making it hard for Kelly to help him and she get worry. She is relief when she learn that Tom is staying for 30 days, and asked Tom for help. But asking for help, mean to see him there. It bring back memories to her of their last encounter too. But she want to step up and let Tom know she want to be more to him then just being friend. She realized that the old spark is still there, and decided to start an affair. Only Kelly assume it only going to be a couple a weeks with no string attached but find herself disastrous in consequences.

Joe Paoletti and Charles Ashton have been friend since the WWII. They're two elder veterans who past is repeatedly told in flashback during WWII and their love for the same French resistance woman. And now, in the present day, they are fighting with each other over Joe participant the celebrating the fifty-fifth anniversary for the end of the WWII war and to honor the heroes of Baldwin Bridge, Massachusetts.

There a secondary romance characters, a story of two teenager sweetheart Mallory (Tom niece) and David. He is an nerdy comic book illustrator who want to use Mallory for his next comic book. The romance between them were very sweet. I love childhood sweetheart.

You will see a first glimpse of Navy SEALs bad boy Sam Starrett, the most excellent sharp shooter cop Alyssa and XO Jazz. These three people you will see more of in the later books as the series go on. You will also meet other Troubleshooter team in the later books as well.

Got to admit the fighting and bickering between the two elder men were driving me nuts. I sometime just want to knock their head together. But I love them anyway. Some scenes from the book were funny and other time it get intense. I love the romance between Tom and Kelly as well as the two teenager sweetheart. I really love the flash back of the war and love how Suzanne Brockmann blend in all three stories together. She is good with that imo.

The Unsung Hero is romance novel between two romance couples and two elder veterans. With past flashback of war and action at the end. A very intense and sizzling read. It is three stories in one that would revolved around each other and connect the characters. I love the book and have enjoy my re-read. I highly recommend reading it (and the series) :)

Troubleshooter series

1. The Unsung Hero
2. The Defiant Hero
3. Over the Edge
4. Out of Control
5. Into the Night
6. Gone Too Far
7. Flashpoint
8. Hot Target
9. Breaking Point
10. Into the Storm
11. Force of Nature- releasing August 14
12. All Through the Night- Christmas Novella (but it longer)
Releasing October 30 2007


Melody said...

Great review, Julia! I know you're hooked to Suzanne's Troubleshooter fact, all her books! LOL.

*staring down at my lap sheepishly* I know I haven't read Bk 3 yet...hehe.

Julia said...

Thanks Melody for your comments. Yep - you know me, I love my Troubleshooter Navy SEALs men hehehe

*look at Melody and stare at her with one eyesbrow raised**ahem*..when are you going to read book LOL

Melody said... idea, Julia. :P

But of course will let you know once the mood strikes! :D

Julia said...

I think the mood strike when you reach 100 yrs old. That long time LOL

Melody said... crack me up, girl! :P

Julia said...

Good - it just my way to make your day better :)

Alice Teh said...

What did I miss? What did I miss? Ahahahaaaa.

I haven't read any of them. Do I deserve spanking?... (please don't spank me) LOL.

Julia said...

LOL Alice - shame on you for missing out ;)

The books is written by Suzanne Brockmann. She had a series book call "Troubleshooter", a team of Navy SEALs men. It is contemporary military romance. Her first 5th or 6th books tend to be thicks. The first book had 392 pages. And the rest of the books, gotten a little smaller numbers of pages after that. She had 3 stories into 1 book that all connected together.

IMO - she is good :)