Thursday, July 26, 2007

Red's Series Books / The Rouge by Kate Angell

In the past, since I blogged, I've posted many "Rec'd Series Books" here. But for a long months now, I been lacking on keeping update to recommend series books lately. So now, I hope to be able to find time to post recommendation here when I can remember it. Those who have been following my series books recommendation, I hope to continue to give you many more "new to me authors" books to read :)

I always love to read series books. Many who know me, would know most of my books on the shelf are all mostly series/trilogies books. So am always on a look out for more "new to me authors" who write series books. I was excited when I discover one....

During this summer of 2007, I discover an author who is new to me. I picked up "Curveball" by Kate Angell, after I heard one of my favorite author Lori Foster raves about this author. I notice it was baseball theme, and while I'm not baseball fan I picked it up and brought it anyway. I found out later, after browsing at her website that there is another book before "Curveball". So I decided to get a copy of the first book, "Squeeze Play". I normally don't like to read books out of order, so I would go and buy atlease the first book to start. I'm happy to say I truly enjoy reading it. And now, after reading "Curveball", I'm looking forward to read more of the Rogues series.

Kate Angell's baseball, The Rogues series is what Susan Elizabeth Phillips's football is to The Chicago Star series (I love SEP's books!). Kate also write three romance stories into one books. It is a hot sexy romance comedies with charming, delightful, sizzling and funny characters that you will love and enjoy. Kate capture the essence of the baseball boys of the summer, the fun and the hot fling so well that you can imagine it all happen all at once. I find myself laughing plenty of time and loving each characters. And who can't help but fall in love with "The Bat Pack" gangs: Psycho, Chaser, Romeo. They put smiles on my face.

Okay I gush enough, and I feel embarrassed when I do. A whole lot of my sentences don't make sense LOL. I hope everyone give Kate Angell a chance. You might enjoy it as much as I did. It a fun book, easy to read and not a long pages reading. It the book to read for the summer. Or during baseball season. There is only two books that is available right now. The third book will be out in April of next year. But Kate had said there be more books coming. Below, is the titles of books to read in order. If you want to find more information, visit Kate Angell's website-click here

The Rogues Series

1. Squeeze Play
2. Curveball
3. Strike Zone - available on April 2008

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