Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nice Matters Award

First, I just want to say thanks for all the friends I have made through out the years. Friends from either my Yahoo Group emails, regular email or bloggers. I'm thankful for friends like you :)

I got a wonderful surprise when my friend Alice given me a Nice Matters Award. What can you say about our Alice? Well...she is sweetest, caring and the most fun person I ever know. She always make me smiles and turn my days more brighter. Thanks YOU!

And than I received another Award: Thoughtful Blogger Award from my dearest long lost twin sister, Melody. She and I met through Lori Foster's message board. We talked a bit from there and than decided to chat in emails. Since than we became close friends. She is a very thoughtful friend, who also put up with my silliness mood(and it never tend to be said in mean way) I'm thankful to have her as my friend.

I would like to give these two awards to the people who I consider as my friends:

Darla, Angela, Melody, Alice, Kat, Cmate


Melody said...

Hey Julia, thanks for the nominations! I'm glad to have you as a friend too...and yeah, we first knew each other through Lori's forum...those were the days huh? LOL.

Long Live to our friendship! :)

Julia said...

Melody - the Lori Foster forum was sure fun day....You will always remain my good friend....

Darla said...

Awww..... ****smooches**** Julia! Thanks. You're a sweetheart.

Alice Teh said...

Awwwwwwwww Julia! Thank you so much. You know what? I've also nominated you. I can't help it. My brain goes auto switch when it comes to this. Julia MUST be included. (Yes, and Melody too)

Long live our friendship!

*glasses chink to our toast*

Julia said...

Hi Darla, you are as much great friend to me :)

Alice - thanks for the nomination. As I said before, you're too sweet :)