Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Curveball by Kate Angell

(Contemporary Romance)
Kate Angell website
5/5 stars

The Bat Pack gang is back! The bad boys of baseball are the top power hitters of Richmond Rogues and the team hope for shot at the World Series. But when Psycho, Romeo and Chaser have to be benched for brawling, they could lose their chance at winning. But while on their times out, the Bat Pack never thought that they will find love along the way....

Psycho is attracted to his decorator, Keely Douglas who he decided to hired after he is hassled by a group of women who is determined that he fix up his historic Colonial house to honors the original owner's reputation and the home historical significance. When he found that she had common childhood background as he did, he decided to keep her and suggested her to move in with him.

Romeo knew he want the female reporter, Emerson Kent, who wrote column articles on the Rogues baseball games. But she tell him she don't want him even though the attraction she has for him is there. So use to women fallen on his feet, he was little surprise when Emerson kept walking away from him and not fall for his handsome look. With entire season still ahead, he knew he had time to sway her to change her mind.

Chaser fell in love with his childhood best friend, Jen. He had known her since they were kids living nextdoor to each other. And they were always been there for each other like good friend. But one night accidental kiss, sparked both Jen and Chaser into seeing each other in different light.

We see behind the romance story of three guys who each realizes that happiness is just within reach...even when fallen in love that can throw a curveball at them. The three men are different in their own way. While they do have rep of being bad boy, they do have soft side too. They do things that are out of their elements too, which make me smiles all the times. The book is romantic, sexy, has sense of humors, fun characters and it is fast paced read. Very enjoyable for baseball fan (and non-baseball fan). And I fall in love with each characters.

This is the second book I read by Kate Angell, I love it! It is part of the connection to Squeeze Play, which is the first book. Angell have a way to bring fun and romantic to the books. And she satisfied the fan by given each guys their full story. This book should not be miss!

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Here the order of The Rogues Series it to be read. Please give it a try..I recommend it!

1. Squeeze Play
2. Curveball
3. Strike Zone - Not out yet, but releasing in April 2008

There will be more The Rogues series book to come.


Melody said...

Julia, glad to hear you enjoyed this series.

Wow, does that mean there are 3 romances stories in this book? ;P

Julia said...

I think you might enjoy the book.

No there will be more than 3 books to come, Mrs-I-don't-do-series-books-Melody LOL...just teasing you :)

Melody said...

Oh my! LOLOL. Thanks for telling me, hehe.

Alice Teh said...

I haven't read any of Kate Angell's books. Glad that you've enjoyed the series, Julia. :D

Julia said...

Your welcome, Melody. I figure you wanna know LOL

Hi Alice - It is a fun read. I am proably starting to get addicted to reading sports stories now hehehe. First SEP's football, Deirdre Martin's hockey and now Kate Angell's baseball....hehehe