Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann

(Contemporary Militery Romance)
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This is my third time re-read together with Angela. I love it the third time around like I did the first time I read it. Nothing have change my feeling on this book. Out of Control is the fourth installment to the Troubleshooter 16 series.

Savannah Von Hopf, a criminal appeals attorney, want to save her uncle Alex Von Hopf's life, so she go in search for Ken "Wildcard" Karmody for help. She need to convince him to help her deliver a Ransom money to the hand of terrorists to trade for her father life in Jakarta, Indonesia. But she never thought she would be in the Wildcard arms, before she could even ask him for help. After taken the advantage of his charm, she knew she must tell Wildcard who she is and her reason why she need his help.

Chief Ken "Wilcard", a military operative has always been attracted to beautiful women. When Savannah "accidental" walk into his life, he was taken by her and want her. When he discover her agendas, he wanted to end their affair. But Savannah is determined to go to Indonesia with or without him to help her uncle and Wildcard knew he couldn't let her go unprotected. So they end up to Indonesia together, even when Wildcard tried to ignore the attraction.

But Savannah plan went wrong, so they end up being trapped in the middle of dangerous jungle where enemy stalked. With time running out, they need to find a safe route to escape or risk their life in the dangerous nightmare.

The WWII story, Molly Anderson, a missionary, and an American expatriate who fell in love with Jones, who is accuse to be the traitor to American. She help him to hide so that he doesn't end up in prison, but while in hiding she fell in love with him too.

In subplot flashback romance, Ingerose "Rose" Rainer von Hopf -- Is Savannah von Hopf's grandmother. She worked for the FBI and the OSS during WWII, she was one of the first female American double agents. She wrote an autobiography "Double Agent", a memoir about her life as agent from Brooklyn to Berlin and her encounter with Hank who is the love of her life. Her book had recently made to the New York Times list. And Molly, Jones and Alyssa is seen reading the book. Hank Von Hopf met Rose when she took a trip to Berlin in 1939. They fell in love on first sight. But when Rose realized that he was part of an attempt by the Nazis to recruit her as a spy, she said her heartfelt emotional goodbye to him and left.

More development relationship between Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke. And you will see a little bit of what happen between Max and Gina (Both of their stories (Sam/Alyssa and Max/Gina will be told in their own story in later books). You'll also get to see some of the Troubleshooter 16 team and the FBI team again.

This is one of my favorite of the series. Because I love the stories line of all the characters in this three weaving connection. The WWII Spies family was great story! And love how the present characters are reading “Rose” bio book (Alyssa, Jones, Molly). Wildcard was likable and sexy in his own way in this book, then he was in the previous book where he was very annoying guy. I think once you get to know him (in his own story) we see him in different light. And than you get a another installment of emotion relationship between Sam and Alyssa. Suzanne Brockmann have always said that you can't always believe what other characters are saying about the other unless you heard it from the main person point of view.

I highly recommend anyone to read The Troubleshooter team 16 series, if you like military romance with action/adventure, drama, humors, emotional scenes and wonderful cast of characters (yummy men).


Melody said...

Hey Julia! Great review.

This is the book where I have stopped and should continue reading with the rest of the series, hehe... And quit rolling your eyes, I know you're doing it! LOLOL!

Julia said...

Yep, you knew me so well...I am rolling my eyes at you LOL