Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Take Me Tonight by Roxanne St. Claire

(Romantic Suspense)
Roxanne St. Claire

Sage Valentine was shocked to discover that her roommate's suicide might be related to Take Me Tonight, a website owned by a private company, which they conducted in mock kidnapping and subsequent fantasy rescue strictly for personal entertainment. Sage want to find out what really happen to her friend Keisha sudden death, so she sign up for private service. But when she encounter Johnny, she thought he was one of the male "rescuer" of the company and decided to use him for interview for her article research on the website and the Snow Bunnies Blizzard for Boston Living Magazine she work for. It'll help her get closer to the inside of the New England Snow Bunnies life, which is where Sage friend's Keisha work as Snow Bunnies dancer for the NBA team.

Johnny Christiano, a bodyguard Bullet Catcher who job is to protect his client, is assigned to stop Sage's kidnapping before it happen and protect her. Unknown to him that Sage had personal agendas reason she want to sign up for the Take Me Tonight service, he is unexpectedly trapped between deceit, desired and trying to protect her from getting closer to the danger that stalked them.

Take Me Tonight is the third installment to the Bullet Catchers series. It has action, an excitement intense scenes, likable characters and romance. I highly recommend it! If you want to read my reviews on the first two Bullet Catcher's books than click the link below....

1. Kill Me Twice
2. Thrill Me to Death


Melody said...

I can see you've been reading a lot lately, Julia! ;P And I can tell you love Roxanne's books a lot! Keep reading, girl! :D

Julia said...

Melody - Yes I been reading alot. Since my internet been down, all there is left for me to do (beside working) is to read and watch TV hehehe.

And I love Roxanne St. Claire's books. It good! :)

Thanks for your comment and Happy Reading! :)