Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good Girls Do by Cathie Linz

Cathie Linz website
4 stars

TBR Challenge for August
This event stay until Friday August 31, 2007
For August, read a book that contains your name or the name of someone you know. Those of us with unusual names will probably have to take the second option--the name of someone we know. Examples from Darla shelves:
Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie (heroine's best friend is Darla)

Remember When by Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb (Darla Price Davis is an eccentric twin)

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (my daughter's name is Dagny)
As always, let us know what you read, how you liked it, how it fits the challenge, and how long it had been in your TBR pile.

I chose to read this book for the TBR Challenge for August, the challenge originally came from the yahoo group that I joined with Darla (please visit her blog). And each months the challenge will be different. Because the name "Julia" contain my name, the book fit the August TBR challenge above this post. I did not have chance to read the book until now. And I know am late to post it, since it is now September, but it better late than never *grin*. Shortly, I will have the TBR Challenge for September at my side bar. Watch for it :)

Julia Wright, love her job at the local library in Serenity Falls. She didn't think anything can go wrong in a nice and quiet place like this...not until her wacky mother, her sister and her little niece all decided to move in and crash her quiet home. And a new "bad boy" guy Luke, decided to come to town in his Harley and shaken her up

Luke Maguire, who left home to get away from his father, never thought he would set a foot back to a dull town in Serenity Falls ever again. But when his father died and left him to take care of the family bar, he was forced to return home. People still remember him as bad boy who was always causing trouble. And Luke never denied or correct them on it. After being away for so long, a stint in the Marines and then deep undercover in the FBI, he dread coming home. However he never thought he would stay, not until he met the feisty librarian Julia. Something about Julia made him want to stay and shake her up a bit and tempted the good girl to be bad.

At first I wasn't sure how to reacted to the book at the beginning. Because Julia's family was bit too much wacky and weird for me, to be honest. I almost put the book aside and pick up another book, but I decided to keep reading. Since I know some of my friends, who always give me good recommendation I trust, seem to like the book. So I want to see what is it they like about it. I love that Luke had two layer of personality side in him. The bad and the good. I love how he not what everyone thoughts he seem to be. And I love that he is the type of character I like to read in heroes. I love that Julia is Liberian with a "good girl" rep but that Luke trying to changed that in her to become bad.

Good Girls Do was a fun and good book. There are humors and delightful moments and the main characters are hot together. But while I enjoyed the book, it is not my favorite book.


Melody said...

Hey Julia! Glad to hear you didn't put the book down and that you enjoyed it in the end.

I chuckled when you mentioned about Julia's family members being wacky, because I thought you can also be wacky at times, hehehe... ;P

Darla said...

What? You have something against llamas?? ;-)

I think (it's been almost 2 years since I read this, and I didn't write a whole lot about it) what I liked so much was how both Luke and Julia were different from how they appeared on the outside--that everyone thought they knew them, but they really didn't.

I'm glad you did enjoy it in the end, but I hope you know it won't hurt my feelings if you don't like something I do. *coughvampirescough*

Julia said...

Darla - I have no problem with the LLamas LOL! It just that the family were too wacky for me (and yeah, as Melody said, I am wacky sometime LOL) to enjoy the book. But than am forgetting that the book IS comedy like and I should have remember that. I have read books that are wacky and enjoy them (Stephanie Plum series), but there are some books that is TOO wacky for me that it annoyed me sometime. Maybe because I didn't think it was that funny? *shrug* Does that make sense? Maybe not...

But I do agree with you that Luke and Julia were diffrent from how they appear to to be to the people who thought they knew them and see in them. Espcially Luke. And that is one of the things I like of the book. Re to *coughvampscough* know me so well *grin*. And that is one of good thing about our diferent and and yet our friendship grow :)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Cathie Linz, but this looks like a good book!