Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann

(Contemporary Military Romance)
Suzanne Brockmann website
5 stars

This is the 6th installment to the Troubleshooter team 16, and I'm re-reading this book with my friend Angela. I've delay posting the review for this book (and the rest of the installments) because I've been reading other books at same time as well. And just haven't gotten around to post reviews than. I brought this one when it was first released in hardcover. And it was also the first book that was personalize autographed by Suzanne too. I knew I couldn't wait for it to release in paperback, so I brought it even though I was bit upset that it was releasing in hardcover. Since than I started to buy all Suzanne latest books in hardcover because I thought it worth it :)

This book is one of my favorite, because we finally get the story that center on the longest time greatest lover, Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke. We watch both suffer through emotional heartbreak, pain, jealousy and loves through out the whole series from the beginning. Finally, we get to see their story and learn more about Sam past, his family and history background.

The book begin when bad boy Navy SEALs, Sam Starrett is on his way driving to Florida to met up with Mary Lou after waiting 3 weeks for her to sent the divorce papers back. And she was not answering his calls. The divorce was all set, after both Sam and Mary Lou realized that their marriage was screwed up and didn't want to live with these quilt and make each other miserable anymore. But instead, Sam was greet with a dead body in the kitchen, once he reached the destination house. He discover that Haley has disappeared and wonder if Mary Lou is dead.

FBI agent Alyssa locke is assigned to lead the murder investigation of the dead body. Upon finding out that Sam's daughter Haley is missing, she met up with him in Florida. It has been 6 months since she last saw him, when both worked together to stop terrorists from assassination U.S president. But seeing each other again, have stirred up memory of the past, and their love for each other arise once again. Sam is weak when it come to Alyssa and want to get her back even though he knew FBI agent Max Bhagat had feeling for her. When some information has surfaces that could links Sam to unsolved assassination plot, she is faced with dilemma to arrest him or risk losing her career. Wanting to fight the attraction between them, Alyssa did everything she can to solve the crime.

While Alyssa investigation, Lieutenant Commander, Tom Paoletti is order to go to the base for questioning regarding the weapons the terrorists had used and whether if he has any connection to them. And Kelly decided to help to prove Tom innocence.

The WWII tell flashback romance story between interracial relationship and connection with people in present day.

You'll see more installment relationship between FBI agent Max Bhagat and Gina Vitagliano. They have kept in touch, even after that one nightmare incident when the plan was hijacked. He have tried to fight his feeling for Gina ever since, but she want more from him and won't give up. And so they met again.

We will also see another favorite character again, FBI agent Jules Cassidy who is there to listen to everyone problem. And we also met some of the previous SEALs again. Also we first met cop Ric Alvarado, who story is in the latest book #11 Force of Nature.

Gone Too Far is lot of intense emotion that is compelling and passionate between Sam and Alyssa. It very refreshing on reading story about interracial relationship and finding love. The characters all blend in together making interesting story. This is less adventures but a small action at the end. It focus more on Sam background and history and relationship between his relationship with Alyssa. Also it focus on previous characters relationship too.

This is one of my favorite book, cause all my favorite characters are seen in this book. We watch them grow as they find loves. And it the final HEA for Sam and Alyssa. Great book!


Melody said...

I know this is one of your favourites, Julia! Because you've been raving about Sam!!! LOL.

Julia said...

Melody - thanks for stopping by. Yes you know me so well...I do love my Sam *grin*. I only wish you would read it with me :(

But that okay, I understand how you're afraid of series book hehehe

Melody said...

But at least I do have this series with me, hehehe... although it'll take me some time to get into these. Ha!

Julia said...

Yes, I know. But it doesn't mean you not afraid of series books LOL!

But take all the time with it :)

Alice Teh said...

I think I did get this one (I remember you told me it's the 6th book, Alice...) LOL. Great stuff. :D