Monday, October 01, 2007

American Diva by Julia London

(Contemporary Romance)
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I was too excited when I got this book. It just seem so long, since I've read the first two book of the Thrillseekers Anonymous trilogy: Wedding Planner and Extreme Bachelor a long time ago. So when I finally find out thatAmerican Diva is coming it made the wait so much better, well almost. The only disappointed thing about this release is that American Diva is released in trade size paperback. I can't understand why, since the first two books was originally released in paperback. It just seem silly to me.

Jack, an ex-military pilot, stunt person and one of the Thrillseekers Anonymous team, met the famous diva "it" girl Audrey LaRue when his team was sent to accomplished a birthday party bash for a fan of Audrey LaRue at private beach island of the coast of Costa Rica. His alone time in the moonlit beach with nothing but bucket of cold beer and his iPod, was ruined when Audrey took his chaise and made herself comfortable with his beer. He soon discover she is a raging diva who is so full of herself. After a couple few of begging to let her drink his beer, he finally given in. Than a few moments of slow dancing to the music from his iPod and kisses sparked between them. It came to interrupted stop, when Audrey found out Jack lied about not knowing who she is. And she avoid him after that.

Not until few days after she was home from the birthday party bash, a famous pop singer Audrey LaRue received a third threat letter wishing her dead. Her "boyfriend", Lucas Bonner hired the Trillseekers Anonymous to bodyguard Audrey. But she wasn't please with the new, since she want to avoid Jack and the kiss from the days before. But Jack, see this is his opportunities to make money for a flight school, one of his dream was to own and operate his own flight school and air hangar, so he agree to be the one to bodyguard her.

He soon realized behind the diva attitude, she not who he thought she seem to be. Behind stage, her personal life with family and her on going relationship with her "boyfriend", Lucas was all asking too much of demand from her. Jack want to show her to be her own self and not let people push her around. Audrey must learn to trust him, not only with her life but her heart.

I have to admit that American Diva is sorta different than the first two of the trilogy. Maybe it because the story focus more on female POV than the male POV. Its shown so many characters that isn't likable with no redeem quality. Many time I want to slap Audrey for her outburst, gosh it drive me crazy! But deep inside I knew she is whole different person, beside her diva attitude. It just take a little patience for Jack and me to get use to her. And it take Jack for her to understand how different she can be if she see herself. And even though the book isn't my favorite book, the ending was emotionally good. I did like the first two books of the series. I really want to like this book, since I like Julia London's books normally. But I couldn't.

I love the interaction friendship between the men. Seeing them again was bonus point, even on few scenes. I love the main hero, Jack. He seem to be the only likable character that I met.

American Dive was a good book. Lot of drama but a little fun. Emotionally dialogues and easy fast pace reading.

Please do try Julia London other works. They're great :)


Melody said...

Oh yes! I can tell you're a big fan of Julia London! LOL. And to make it even better, both of you shared the same first name! LOL.

I noticed that most publishers love to publish a book in tradesize especially when the first few books are sellable, LOL! Well, this is just my opinion.

Julia said...

Melody - LOL about the same name thing! ;)

Well no matter what the reason, I don't like the idea when they decided to go tradesize paperback right in the middle of trilogies or series books. Than the books won't look right on shelf with different sizes.

Thanks for comment :)

Melody said...

I definitely agree with you on this!

Marg said...

I'm a bit disappointed to hear that you didn't enjoy this one very much. I haven't got it yet because of the whole trade paperback thing, and so I am not sure when I am going to read it, but I really loved the first two books in this trilogy.

Alice Teh said...

Julia! When are you going to publish your first novel? I'll get an autographed copy... :D Can't wait! LOL.

Julia said...

Marg - please do not let my review stop you from reading "American Diva". Because you might like it more than I do. You might have different take on the book, than what I thought. And I always enjoy reading your (and Darla) book reviews, so am curious to know what you'll think of the book. I too love the first two books :) I'm not sure why I didn't with "American Diva", but it could be the mood thing. :)

Alice - Publish my first novel? Was I gonna do that? LOL

Thanks you both for stopping by.

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, just wanted to bring to your attention that there is also a review at LASR (the bloggie where I submit my review) for the same book. Here's the link. I hope you will enjoy it. :)

Julia said...

Thanks, Alice for letting me know :)