Friday, October 19, 2007

Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh

Erotic Romance/Suspense
Lora Leigh website
4 1/2 stars

I was so excited when Hidden Agendasfinally released. I wanted to read it right away but I waited because I want to join and read along together with my friend,Melody. (please click her name to read her review). It's a pleasure to be able to read with always :) When we finally start reading it, I enjoy every bit of it.

Kell Krieger, a Navy SEALs, has spent his last 15 years of vowing revenge on a drug lords who has tore his family apart. When he learn that the same man is now threatens Emily, the one ray of light in his shadowy existence, he is assigned to be a bodyguard but pose as her lover. He never thought to fall in love with Emily, while he guarding her, but one thing he does know for sure is that he and his SEALs team must go undercover to bring down the drug lords and the government spies with a purpose to keep Emily safe.

Emily Stanton has loved Kell since her father rescue him from a brutal life on the streets. Both were kids, innocence to the world where street life can be dangerous. When Kell rescued her from Diego Fuentes compound, she have thought about him since. Now grown up, she ready to face Kell but he decided he is no good for her. And she knew Kell would lay himself body, soul and with secret to bare in order to protect her from ending up in the hand of their enemy who isn't finish with Emily yet.

Hidden Agendas is the 4th book to the Tempting SEALs series. A team of SEALs who is alpha heroes and tough with a bad boy attitude. And a strong heroine to match. A charismatic couple and sexy intense love scenes. A childhood friend who later became lover. Now this is what I look for in a book *grin*.

However Hidden Agendas was not as great as the previous book Dangerous Games but it is still a good and enjoyable read with good plot. The love scenes were more mild than the previous Tempting Seals' books. Even though there were plenty of hot, erotic pleasures. Characters were likable enough to keep reading. Although Emily does annoyed me, I do understand where she is coming from with her father always being the one to get what he want and not what she want. She tough it out, but she does it in wrong way. I think she is lot different than the other previous heroines that I've read so far. She probably is my least favorite. It really fun to see the previous characters from seals team again.

And the book hint to us that Kira (Emily's friend) and Ian (another seals) will have their story next (yay!) I can't wait to read the next book Killer Secrets

The Tempting Seals series:

1. Honk If You Love Real Men
2. Dangerous Games - click title to read my review
3. Real Men Do It Better (anthology)
4. Hidden Agendas
5. Killer Secrets (coming January 2008)


Alice Teh said...

Glad to know you've enjoyed reading Hidden Agendas with Melody! :D

Melody said...

Hey Julia! As always, it's been a pleasure reading with you. Can't wait to read Killer Secrets! ;)

Darla said...

Have you read her paranormals as well? How do they compare?

And btw: tag! you're it! :)