Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 24

My Best Halloween Memories

1. In elementary all the grade students used to gather around and sing a Halloween songs. The kids would be dress up in their costumes and there was a contest for the best costumes in competition. I never win but it was sure fun to dress up. And I love to sing(off key of course hehe) :)

2. I dressed up as bride, princess, a baby, barbie and few cartoon characters. That all I remember. I always want to have the original costumes. So when I was a princess at age 13, I took my mother old pink curtain with lining and transformed into a dress. And I made my own stars wind with glitter. I recall dress up as bride, and one of the trick or treater kid said "look mom, someone getting married" hehe.

3. Little brother ran all the way home screaming after a man in fake blood jumped and scared us. It was funny because my little brother ran as if there was fired on his butt and didn't stop until he reach home LOL

4. I also remember when one of our neighbor goes around the neighbor-hood in a truck with a big black smoking pot. She dress herself as witch and told each kids that she is brewing something in there. And that if we reach inside the pot there are surprises. I remember getting freak out about it, thinking something scary going to jump out of that pot. eventually it turn there was some candies in the pot. She allowed us to grab a handful of them and put it in our bags.

5. I went to my first fun fair Halloween Haunted House a very long time ago, when I was 18 year old. What I remember about it is that during one of my episodes embarrassment moment, was when I was having fun and laughing so hard that I sorta "slap" a man butt. I didn't realize that I did that until we got home and my cousin point that out to me. I remember my cheeks turn three different shade of red after I realized that I actually did do it. I'm only glad that I wasn't around him when I realized it LOL! I tell ya, it was pure innocence and accident LOL!

6. Carved our very first three pumpkins the same year. One was ghost, the other two was faces each with different expression. We placed it at our front door of the house with glow of the burning candles light. I have pictures but I would have to go through file to find it

7. I remember how there use to be lot of trick or treater kids knocking and ringing our door around my neighbor. Now these days, there aren't lot of kids trick or treating much anymore. Our door would only rung 5 times. It truly sad. But I can understand how parents are now real careful with their kids.

8. Candies now these days were different back than. And even some were unusual goodies in the bag. I remember one neighbor would thrown in every years, some McDonald gift certs or a gift certs to some places. Those were the fun goody to get in my bag. Always looked forward to those. Than there were another who would thrown in some dollars' coins. And another would thrown in some small gift items. Like fingernail polish LOL. And my best friend's mom (who live next door) would make those Caramel apple candy for the kids. It always fun to see what in my goodies bag ;)

9. Favorite candies: Smarties, sugar stinx candy, peppermint candy, nerds candy, sucker/lollipop, Caramel popcorn, anything chocolate..etc.

10. Halloween books: I read most of the books that I consider "Halloween" theme by Nora Roberts a lot. There were few other authors, like Christine Feehan and Katie MacAlster, that I read on Halloween night. I'm always looking for more Halloween themes, so any recommend by you would be appreciated. It could be comedy with humors, romance with paranormal or contemporary romance.

11. Halloween movies: I used to see lot of scary movies when I was younger. Like "Nightmare on Elm Street", "Friday the 13", "April Fool", "Halloween", "Charlie Brown Halloween special", "Beetlejuice", "Rosemary's baby", "The Bird"..etc.

12. The best costumes that I've seen through out my whole life of school years, was the one with a guy who dress himself like a Woman. And WOW he was the most beautiful woman too *grin* Dress really pretty and all. He was the most talked about in the school. I think he won a prizes for that. But he continue to dress up in woman every years. But in different outfit. Also, there was one with a very unusual costume: A woman dress herself as a beat up pregnant woman. It looked real too when she applied the make-up to looked like real bruises. Some thought she really gotten beat up too. Than there was a Zombie Beauty Queen: hair messy and sticking out and there is an ax on her head with a fake blood dripping down on her face. And she worn a ribbon across her shoulder and chest that read "Beauty Queen" and there a slash to the word and underneath it said Zombie

13. But the bestest memories of all, is that I spent the Halloween with my two childhood best friends. We had a good time of our lives. There never a time we don't sit in front of the TV to watch Halloween movies together. Another best memory is my family try very hard to let me pick my own choice of costumes. They were always trying to make things fun for me :)

What about you, what is your best Halloween memories? Happy Early Halloween to everyone! Trick or treat! :)

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Melody's Booking Through Thursday


Melody said...

I could tell you have great fun during those Halloweens, Julia! And I laughed when you mentioned about you slapping a man's butt. I can imagine the shock and horror of that man's face, LOL.

Happy TT!

Julia said...

LOL Melody - the slap on the butt was purely accident LOL

jenn said...

Such happy memories...
happy tt!

Hootin'Anni said...

One excellent entry for the week! I love Halloween...and your memories made my memories come flooding back.

Happy T T-ing

damozel said...

Those are some wonderful Halloween memories. The only one I remember is the year my husband and I went to a party in a big cold barn and he went dressed as a giant baby (he wore a geriatric diaper over his shorts) with a pacifier around his neck and a baby hat. He nearly froze to death...

You don't have your comments enabled to allow linked posts from non-blogger blogs :( but we are BN-Politics, 17 or 18 on the numbered list....

Julia said...

We share the name, we share the love for books!
Have a look at my TT this week, cause it's all about my favourite books.
And I do love yours, cause it sounds like you had loads of fun ;)
So make sure this years HAlloween is going to be a ball as well!

Happy TT!


Darla said...

Julia, this is starting to seem like a trend--first slapping a guy's butt, then that famous comment... tsk tsk. ;)

Our Halloween tradition (at least since the kids have been older) is to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We hardly get any trick-or-treaters, either. :(

Adelle said...

Wonderful memories! Happy T13!
Mine's up

Julia said...

Jenn - Thanks for stopping by, I hope you visit me again :)

Hootin' Anni - so glad that my Halloween entry bring back memories for you. I hope that you have a nice Halloween this year :)

damozel - LOL about your husband and giant baby costume. I hope he didn't get sick after the freezing?

Julia - Wonderful, that we share the same books. I hope you will visit back so that we can talk books *grin*...I enjoy visiting your blog too.

Darla - LOL that is pure innocence accident! That prove how gun shy I am, that I would say anything without thinking *grin*. I enjoy watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". I just haven't been watching it too much. And yes, it is sad that not lot of kids going trick or treat anymore :(

Adelle - Thanks for your comment. Hope you come back and visit me again!

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog. I hope to put in more book reviews entry in my blog soon. Happy Thursday Thirteen and Happy Early Halloween!

Carrie Lofty said...

My fave memory was when we did a pumpkin decorating contest at school. I was in 2nd grade, my brother in K. I did a hot air balloon and he did Noah's Ark. We won cool stuff. Second fave was when my dad took us out one year and we walked all the way to the nursing home at the far reaches of our neighborhood. Dude, old folks who love cute kids in costumes give out AWESOME candy.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Awesome memories. I have some, but they aren't nearly that great.

I'm trying to change that for my kids. Go figure. Besides, Halloween is FUN.

pussreboots said...

Fun memories. My TT is here.

Nicholas said...

I saw Rosemary's Baby when I was at school and it terrified me!