Thursday, December 13, 2007


Booking Through Thursday

Do you use any of the online book-cataloguing sites, like Library Thing or Shelfari? Why or why not? (Or . . . do you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking to?? (grin))

If not an online catalog, do you use any other method to catalog your book collection? Excel spreadsheets, index cards, a notebook, anything?

- I use to catalog my books in spreadsheet and than the notebooks, but now I use the "Microsoft Word" from my computer to post all the books that I have read through the years. I have been using this method for nearly 2-3 years now. Unfortunately my old computer broke recently and I lost my access to get on my old computer. So I couldn't get into my old computer to get my 2-3 years worth of saving my book-catalog from my "Microsoft Word". With this new computer I have now, I have to start all over again. But between the time when I was using the "Microsoft Word" from my old record, my friend Darla gotten me into Blog. She show me to do book's reviews on this blog. And than I realized that I could use this blog as my way of catalog my books I've read through the years. It help me to remember what books I've read and which I didn't.

Months ago, another friend invited me to Shelfari, and I use that one too. It been a long while since I updated it though. But many of my friends (both blogger and non blogger) are using it and some updated them often. I have heard of Library Thing, but I don't use it. And I don't know why. But many of my blogger friends are using it too. I wonder...which method is more better useful tools - Shelfari or Library Thing?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!


BooksPlease said...

Hi Julia, thanks for visiting my blog. I know that feeling of having to start all over again cataloguing books!

Fern Chasida said...

Hi Julia,
I like LibraryThing but not Shelfari. Can't pinpoint the reason. Funny how we each have our preferences for these online tools.

Melody said...

I hate to lose all the datas after all the time & efforts spent, so I completely understand how you felt at that time.

I suppose LibraryThing and Shelfari are both great for cataloguing books, and I'm glad to have signed up with them other than 'cataloguing' on my blog, hehe.

kat said...

I like Library Thing because I can access it anywhere, as opposed to using a spreadsheet which I can lose if my PC crashes. I suppose I can upload the file to ehehe.

Julia said...

Booksplate - Thanks for visiting my blog! It made me so mad to have to start all over again and it was 2-3 years of cataloging it *sigh*

Fern Chasida - I never tried Library Thing, so I can't compare. But thanks for telling me your experience with both :)

Melody - Thanks for understanding about losing all the hard work of long cataloging....which site do you like the most, Library Thing or Shelfari?

Kat - Uploading or printing it out could take a long time LOL...thanks for telling me your experience with Library Thing. Maybe I take look at it and try it sometime :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you all have a good day!


Marg said...

I haven't even really looked at Shelfari because I spent forever adding all my books at Library Thing. I couldn't face doing that again! Now I am behind of LT so maybe it's worth looking at, but for the most part I just use spreadsheets.

GeraniumCat said...

Once I started using Library Thing I looked at Shelfari, but it didn't feel "right" for me. That may be because I had got used to the way LT works, though!

gautami tripathy said...

I too don't like Shelfari. I prefer LT!

Booking through Cataloguing

Alice Teh said...

Aaaaah... that feeling of having to start from ground zero again. I know that one. Remember the time where my database just went *poof*?...

LibraryThing is cool. :)

Stephanie said...

When I found Library Thing last year, I went ahead and purchased the life-time subscription. Figured I would use it!! I'm gradually adding my books. But with the amount I have, it could take a while!!

I was like you and used a spreadsheet on my computer. Worked great until my hard drive crashed and I couldn't retrieve it again!!

Happy Thursday!!

Melody said...

I guess I have no comments on both, Julia. Both works equally fine to me. :)

pussreboots said...

I started reviewing everything I read this year but I've been keeping a list of what I've read since 1987. I also have a database for keeping track of the books I have. Happy BTT.

Julia said...

Marg - I've been using spread sheet too for the most of my books. I just recently use Shelfari, but haven't been updating. But than maybe I try Library Thing, since more people like that one? *shrug*

GeraniumCat - thanks for your opinion on this. I use one site and add a lot list of books there ..and to have another site...I might forgotten my first site *lol*

gautami tripathy - Thanks for your opinion. Why do you prefer that one over the other?

Alice - Yeah I remember you had gone down that road before. It is so pain in the butt to start over...*sigh*

Stephanie - So sorry you lost all your old spreadsheet when computer drive crashed. I hope you able to regain some of your books or re-start all over again :)

Melody - Thanks, for letting me :)

Pussreboots - It always good to have spreadsheet of list of books you have read over the years :)

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog! Have a good day!

Alice Teh said...

I like LibraryThing. I hope to be more active with it in time to come...