Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ice Storm by Anne Stuart

Romantic Suspense
Anne Stuart's website
4.5 Stars

Isobel Lambert is the powerful and the head of the covert mercenary organization "The Committee". She is sleek and sophisticated professional who come in contact with the dangerous people in the world. She is said to be very cold person. but beneath herself, lay a past that haunted her with memories she couldn't forget. In another life...where she was the innocence girl who fell in love and shot him..... leaving him dead.

Serafin, the most wanted, dangerous mercenary and assassin in the world make a deal with "The Committee" to help get him safe passage out of Morocco for trade in information about all the major players in the world of terrorism. Isobel is sent to rescue him and do the job. She has the uncomfortable feeling about Serafin until she discover who he really is. She believe he want revenge, but she know that look can be deceiving and she want to keep her cover masquerade from murder.

Two most dangerous and strong main characters came together and try to finish off what they have came for -- to kill each other. But than they had to work together when it turn out the enemies is set to have them both killed. They're are more focus when it come to work but when they're together, their feeling for each other are stronger and make them more aware around each other .

The story is told by Isobel POV instead of the usual male POV. And I think that is a nice switch. I love that Isobel is shown to be cold and uncaring person. But inside she is a different person - an innocence woman who feel in love. And she hide herself really well. I thought it was a nice that she play the role of what the heroes usually are put in to do in dangerous situation. I love that Killian "Serafin" play the same role as all the previous heroes in the book does BUT it was a nice twist to what role he play in the story -- he wasn't the person people think he seem to be. So you can never assumed of what you hear....but I knew.

Ice Storm is the 4th book to the ICE series. And I think this one is more darker than the previous books. The story had me on edge and make me want to know what happen next. But there was more "telling" than the "showing" when it come to the love scenes. Unlike Black Ice and Ice Blue (I believe this is Taka's story?) there were a lot of "showing"!. I just love to read a good suspense books with good romance thrown in. It just romantic in me :) Other than that, this book did have an intense love scene that just hot! You will get to see previous characters (Bastien, Peter and Taka) again. And it look like Reno story is next!

I have been fan of Anne Stuart and have enjoy the series. Her writing are always intense and dark. And the plot are never boring. The characters are interesting and easily to be likable and fall in love with. And you never quite know what the hero's agenda or feelings are --- but when they have met the heroine -- everything changed. LOVE that! I'm looking forward to read more ICE series and hope to read her backlist too.

Here are the order the ICE series is to be read:
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1. Black Ice
2. Cold As Ice
3. Ice Blue
4. Ice Storm

Notes: It always a pleasure to read books together with my friend, Melody. Especially the "darn book" from our favorite authors *grin*. And I'm looking forward to read more books together with her (and Alice) ANYTIME!


Melody said...

Hey Julia! I think you have written a far more detailed review than mine, hehe. But great job anyway! :)

Looking forward to reading Blood Brothers with you and Alice! ;)

Julia said...

yeah I know it far more detailed but than it also spoiling, isn't it? Which I tried very hard not to do. I would rather just write a simple but short and easy review - just like the way you did. But oh well.....I can never stop at short reviews LOL

Thanks for comment and I can't wait to read "Blood Brother" with you and Alice too! :)

Melody said...

Hey, you can always state 'Spoilers' at the top of your review! LOL. I don't think I have done justice to the book with my review, oh well... ;P

Julia said...

No -- that is not true. You did very much more better than I do. I always enjoy reading your reviews. It more....grown up LOL

Melody said...

Well, most of the times we always think other people do much better than our own, so perhaps this is the case, hehe.

Julia said...

LOL.........maybe..but I still think your are better LOL

Melody said...

Awwww... thanks for your kind words, Julia. :)

Alice Teh said...

Now, now. I think BOTH of you, Julia and Melody, did a great job with the review because... ALICE SAYS SO. LOL.

I can't wait to read Blood Brothers with both of you too. Cheers! :D

Melody said...

Gee...thanks, Alice! :D

Julia said...

LOL Alice - okay because you say so *grin*......

It should be fun reading together with you and Melody with Blood Brothers. And I thank you two for waiting on me until I get the book. BUT, if you guys want to go ahead and read it...I'm really really really really OKAY with it...honest! :)

Alice Teh said...

But we are really, really, really, really OKAY waiting for you... honest! :D