Friday, January 04, 2008

Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts

Paranormal Romance
Nora Roberts' website
4 stars

Three young friends, made a blooded brothers ritual oath of loyalty of their friendship forever as brotherhood at the Pagan Stone in 1987. When their blood combine together a powerful evil come out and strike. Every seven years, horrific things happen at the Hawkins Hollow for seven days, after the blooded ritual released. It become so madness and suicidal that other people fear for their life. Some left and move away while other brave the evil flying around their hometown. But the strange thing is, when the seven days have passed, no one even remember anything. It as if nothing happen.

Now 21 years later, the three boys are grown up into a man. And they stay even when the evil still running around. And they want to fight back. With the help of three other women, they hope to find why the evilness happen and what is it they have release out. And why are they chosen to be the one to release it out. Is there connection?

As the six friends figuring out the pattern and the answers to why evil lurk out on the seven months and seven days. They also found they are bound together by fate, passion and the fight against the darkness..........

I've always enjoy Nora Roberts books and I have enjoyed this one too. The characters were likable and fun. There a little humors dialogue and romance. I just only wish the romance wasn't so quick. I would have want to see their romance get intense and built up. As it usually seen on some of Nora's older work. And it focus mostly on the paranormal than the romance. I agree with people who have said that the book was good enough to be a stand alone book and not trilogy. It seem to me the book was set up to be a one whole book. Of course that isn't true since we know the last two books of this trilogy will be releasing 3-4 months apart from each other (only for this trilogy only). Someone can correct me if I'm wrong! But I give Nora a benfit of doubts that maybe something GREAT going to happen on the next two installments, which might be why the book seem like it just one whole book.

Saying that, I really enjoy the paranormal side of this book. It made me want to know what happen next and find the connection between the three men (Cal, Fox and Gab, the three women (Quinn, Layla and Cybil) with the darkness evil. And I hope that the next two installment will be much better.

Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors and I've read most of her recent books. But I'm slowly trying to collect her older books, and add it to my shelf. I love most of her stand alone books but I have some trilogy favorite as well (Chesapeake Bay trilogy, Three Sister Island trilogy, The Dream trilogy....etc).

note: It always a pleasure to read this book together along with my friend Melody and Alice


Melody said...

It's fun reading with you and Alice, Julia. And I think you have sumed up the sypnosis pretty well, much more detailed than mine anyway! LOL.

Julia said...

Hmmm do you suppose that I have put in too much information? I often try not to spoiled my reviews but sometime it happen that I can't help LOL

Melody said...

I think it's fine IMO. ;)

Julia said...

You serious? LOL...because I always think I spoiled everything LOL

But thanks for your opinion :)

Melody said...

You are welcome, Julia. :)

Darla said...

I'm with you, Julia--I'm hoping I don't already know what will happen in books 2 & 3, that Nora has left some surprises for us! It's awfully hard to wait to find out.

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, I beg to differ though. I do think it reads like a trilogy. Only that Nora is taking a slightly different approach. Just a feeling... hehe. Let's see what happens in Book 2. Can't wait to read with you and Melody again!